Bainbridge Island, Washington Weather by Month

Bainbridge Island, Washington, is a picturesque island located in Puget Sound, just a short ferry ride away from Seattle. Located in Kitsap County, Bainbridge Island is known for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant arts scene, and tight-knit community. With a population of approximately 24,522 residents as of the 2020 census, Bainbridge Island covers an area of 27.78 square miles, offering a mix of rural and suburban landscapes.

Geography and Location

Bainbridge Island is located in the heart of Puget Sound, making it an integral part of the greater Seattle metropolitan area. Its geographical coordinates are approximately 47.6262° N latitude and 122.5212° W longitude. The island is characterized by its lush forests, pristine shorelines, and sweeping views of the surrounding waterways and mountains.

Affiliation and Major Landmarks

Bainbridge Island is affiliated with Kitsap County and is part of the Puget Sound region of Washington State. One of the most iconic landmarks on the island is the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, which showcases the work of local and regional artists. Additionally, the Bloedel Reserve, a 150-acre public garden, offers visitors a tranquil escape into nature.

Climate Overview

Bainbridge Island experiences a mild maritime climate, heavily influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound. This climate is characterized by mild, wet winters and dry, mild summers, with relatively consistent temperatures throughout the year.

Climate and Weather Overview

The climate and weather on Bainbridge Island exhibit distinct seasonal variations, offering residents and visitors diverse experiences throughout the year. Understanding these weather patterns is essential for planning outdoor activities and exploring all that the island has to offer.

Monthly Weather Statistics

To provide a comprehensive overview of the weather on Bainbridge Island, let’s examine the average temperature, precipitation, and number of sunny days for each month of the year.

Month Average Temperature (°F) Precipitation (inches) Sunny Days
January 44°F 5.50 inches 3 days
February 46°F 3.89 inches 3 days
March 49°F 3.49 inches 5 days
April 53°F 2.71 inches 6 days
May 58°F 2.06 inches 7 days
June 63°F 1.63 inches 8 days
July 67°F 0.98 inches 9 days
August 68°F 1.18 inches 9 days
September 64°F 1.76 inches 7 days
October 57°F 3.08 inches 5 days
November 49°F 6.03 inches 3 days
December 45°F 6.43 inches 2 days

Weather by Month


January brings cool temperatures to Bainbridge Island, with an average of 44°F. It is one of the wettest months of the year, with 5.50 inches of precipitation. Outdoor activities during this time may be limited due to the frequent rain, but visitors can still enjoy exploring indoor attractions such as art galleries and museums.


February sees similar temperatures to January, with an average of 46°F. While precipitation levels decrease slightly to 3.89 inches, rainy days are still common. However, there are occasional breaks in the weather, providing opportunities for outdoor excursions such as hiking or birdwatching.


As spring approaches, March brings milder temperatures averaging around 49°F. With 3.49 inches of precipitation, the island begins to awaken with blooming flowers and budding foliage. March is an excellent time for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the island’s hiking trails or embark on a scenic drive along its coastline.


April marks the transition to warmer weather on Bainbridge Island, with temperatures averaging 53°F. While precipitation levels continue to decrease to 2.71 inches, occasional showers may still occur. Outdoor activities such as picnicking at local parks or visiting the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market are popular during this time.


May brings mild temperatures to Bainbridge Island, with an average of 58°F. With 2.06 inches of precipitation, the weather becomes increasingly pleasant, making it an ideal time for outdoor adventures. Visitors can explore the island’s beaches, go kayaking in Puget Sound, or enjoy leisurely bike rides along scenic trails.


June heralds the arrival of summer on Bainbridge Island, with temperatures averaging around 63°F. With 1.63 inches of precipitation, the island experiences longer days and abundant sunshine. Outdoor activities such as sailing, paddleboarding, and beachcombing are popular during this time, allowing visitors to fully embrace the island lifestyle.


July is one of the warmest months on Bainbridge Island, with average temperatures reaching 67°F. With less than an inch of precipitation, sunny days are plentiful, making it perfect for outdoor pursuits. Visitors can spend their days lounging on the beach, exploring the island’s parks, or indulging in al fresco dining at local restaurants.


August brings similar temperatures to July, with an average of 68°F. While precipitation levels increase slightly to 1.18 inches, sunny days still outnumber rainy ones. Outdoor activities such as hiking in the island’s forests, visiting wineries, or attending outdoor concerts are popular during this time.


As summer transitions to fall, September sees mild temperatures averaging around 64°F. With 1.76 inches of precipitation, occasional rain showers provide relief from the late summer heat. September is an ideal time for outdoor activities such as berry picking, exploring local art galleries, or attending fall festivals.


October marks the arrival of fall on Bainbridge Island, with temperatures dropping to an average of 57°F. With 3.08 inches of precipitation, rainy days become more frequent, signaling the onset of the wetter season. Despite the rain, October offers stunning displays of fall foliage, making it perfect for scenic drives and outdoor photography.


November brings cooler temperatures to Bainbridge Island, with an average of 49°F. It is one of the wettest months of the year, with 6.03 inches of precipitation. While outdoor activities may be limited due to the rain, visitors can explore indoor attractions such as art galleries, boutique shops, and cozy cafes.


December ushers in the winter season on Bainbridge Island, with temperatures averaging 45°F. With 6.43 inches of precipitation, rain is prevalent throughout the month. While outdoor activities may be limited, the island’s festive atmosphere and holiday events provide plenty of opportunities for indoor entertainment and cultural experiences.


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