Baker County, Florida Weather

According to, Baker County, Florida is located in the northeastern corner of the state and is part of the Jacksonville metropolitan area. The county is bordered by Nassau County to the north, Columbia County to the west, Union County to the south, and Duval County to the east. As of 2019 estimates, Baker County has a population of approximately 27,000 people.

Baker County was established in 1861 and named for James McNair Baker who served as a Confederate soldier during the American Civil War. It was originally part of Duval County but was later divided into two counties with Nassau being formed from its western portion. The county seat is Macclenny which is also its largest city.

Baker County has numerous attractions for visitors to enjoy, including Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park which preserves a Civil War battlefield from 1864 as well as Osceola National Forest which provides numerous recreational opportunities such as camping and hiking trails throughout its wooded areas. The county also has several golf courses and lakes for fishing or boating activities. Additionally, there are several museums such as Taylor’s Creek Interpretive Center that offer visitors a chance to learn more about local history and culture.

Baker County has been home to many famous people over the years including former NFL running back Fred Taylor who was born in Macclenny; country music star Jason Aldean who grew up in nearby Shiloh; and astronaut John Glenn who trained at Camp Blanding before becoming one of America’s first astronauts in 1962.

Baker County offers something special for everyone whether it’s exploring history through its many battlefields or enjoying nature’s beauty at one of its many parks or simply taking advantage of all it has to offer by indulging in some shopping or dining out at one of its delicious restaurants there are plenty of options available when it comes to experiencing what this county has to offer.

Climate and weather in Baker County, Florida

According to, Baker County is located in North Florida and has a humid subtropical climate. The average temperature ranges from the low 50s in the winter months to the low 90s during the summer months. There is also significant rainfall throughout the year with an average of around 52 inches per year.

The summer season typically lasts from mid-May through mid-September and is characterized by hot and humid conditions with frequent thunderstorms. Temperatures during this season generally range from 75 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit, although temperatures can exceed 100 degrees on occasion.

The winter season typically lasts from late November through early March and is characterized by cooler temperatures and less humidity than in the summer months. Temperatures during this time of year generally range from 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, although temperatures can dip into the 30s on occasion. Snowfall is rare but has been known to occur on occasion, usually on a small scale.

Spring usually begins in late March and continues through early May, while autumn typically starts in mid-September and ends in late November. Both seasons are characterized by mild temperatures with occasional rain showers or thunderstorms depending on the day. Temperatures during these times of year usually range between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Baker County experiences four distinct seasons that bring a variety of weather conditions throughout the year ranging from hot summers to mild winters with occasional snowfall or rain showers throughout spring and fall. The warm climate makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking, biking, swimming, golfing or simply relaxing at one of its many parks or lakeside spots all year round.

Transportation in Baker County, Florida

Baker County, Florida is served by a variety of transportation options that make it easy to get around the area. The county has a public bus system, which consists of three fixed-route lines in addition to an on-demand service for people with disabilities. The buses run from early morning until late evening and provide access to major shopping centers, parks, and other attractions throughout the county.

The county also has several major highways that run through it. Interstate 10 runs east to west through the center of the county and connects it with Jacksonville and Tallahassee. US Highway 90 runs north to south across the western edge of Baker County and connects it with Pensacola and Gainesville. There are also several state highways that connect Baker County with nearby towns such as Macclenny, Glen St Mary, Sanderson, Taylor, Lawtey, Starke, Lake City, and High Springs.

For those looking for an alternative form of transportation there are several taxi services available in Baker County as well as a number of ride-sharing companies such as Lyft and Uber. In addition, there are several rental car agencies located throughout the county for those who prefer to drive themselves around.

For those looking for something a bit more adventurous there is a bicycle rental shop in Macclenny offering both road bikes and mountain bikes for rent by the hour or day. There are also multiple trails located throughout Baker County perfect for biking or hiking during your visit including Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park Trail System which offers over five miles of trails through some beautiful terrain in northern Baker County.

There are plenty of transportation options available in Baker County making it easy to get around no matter what your preference or budget may be.

Cities and towns in Baker County, Florida

According to Countryaah, Baker County, Florida is home to several cities and towns that offer a variety of activities and attractions for visitors and locals alike. The county seat is Macclenny, which is also the largest city in the area with a population of over 6,000 people. Macclenny has a historic downtown district with many quaint shops, restaurants, and businesses that make it a great place to spend an afternoon. It is also home to the Baker County Courthouse, which was built in 1907 and has been designated as a historic site by the state of Florida.

Glen St Mary is another city located in Baker County with about 1,000 residents. It has a small-town feel but offers plenty to do including parks, golf courses, museums, restaurants, and more. There are also several churches located in Glen St Mary that provide religious services to locals and visitors alike.

Taylor is one of the smaller cities in Baker County with just over 600 residents but it offers plenty of amenities including parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and more. It’s also home to Taylor Church of God which hosts weekly services as well as special events throughout the year.

Sanderson is another small town located in Baker County with just over 400 residents. Despite its size Sanderson offers plenty to do including several parks such as Sanderson Park which features tennis courts and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy during their stay.

Lawtey is a small city located on US Highway 301 just north of Starke with less than 500 people living there. Lawtey has several churches including Lawtey Chapel which was established in 1883 making it one of the oldest churches in Baker County still standing today.

Finally, Starke is the largest city in Baker County with around 8500 people living there. It’s known for its historic downtown district where you’ll find many shops, restaurants, museums and other attractions such as Bradford-Union Antique Mall which features antiques from all over the world.

There are plenty of cities and towns located throughout Baker County that offer something for everyone whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or places to shop or eat.