Barnes County, North Dakota Weather

According to, Barnes County is a county located in the southeastern region of North Dakota. It is bordered by Cass County to the west, Griggs County to the south, and Ransom County to the east. The county seat is Valley City, which serves as one of the primary cities in Barnes County and has a population of about 6,500 people.

The history of Barnes County dates back to 1872 when it was established as one of North Dakota’s original counties. The county was named after Alanson H. Barnes, who served as a member of the state legislature at the time. Throughout its history, Barnes County has seen many changes including an influx of immigrants from Europe in the late 19th century and an increase in agricultural production during World War II.

Today, Barnes County is home to many attractions for visitors to enjoy including Fort Ransom State Park, which features a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking trails and camping sites. Other popular sites include Stump Lake Park and Sheyenne National Grasslands which offer plenty of opportunities for birdwatching or picnicking. There are also several museums in Valley City that provide visitors with a glimpse into local history and culture.

Famous people from Barnes County include former professional baseball player Mark Prior and country music singer Garth Brooks who were both born here. Other notable residents include former mayor David Koppelman and actor John Travolta who grew up here before moving away to pursue their own individual paths in life.

Barnes County continues to be an important part of North Dakota’s culture today with its rich history and many attractions that draw visitors from all over the world each year.

Climate and weather in Barnes County, North Dakota

According to, Barnes County is located in the southeastern region of North Dakota and is home to a variety of climates and weather patterns. The county experiences a semi-arid climate with hot summers and cold winters, making it an ideal destination for those looking to escape the heat of the south or the cold of the north. During summer months, temperatures typically range from highs in the mid-80s to lows in the mid-50s, while winter temperatures can drop to as low as -10°F on some days.

Rainfall in Barnes County averages around 17 inches per year with most of it falling during spring and summer months. Snowfall varies depending on elevation but generally ranges from 10-20 inches per year. The county also occasionally experiences thunderstorms during summer months that can bring heavy rain and strong winds.

The county is also known for its high winds, which can reach up to 50 mph during some storms. This makes it important for residents to secure any outdoor items that could be damaged by strong gusts of wind such as patio furniture or holiday decorations. Wind speeds tend to be highest near Valley City due to its location near the Sheyenne River Valley where winds funnel through narrow passages between hillsides.

Barnes County’s climate is characterized by hot summers, cold winters, low rainfall levels, and strong winds throughout the year. The weather in this part of North Dakota can be unpredictable at times so it’s important for visitors and residents alike to stay informed about any potential storms or extreme weather conditions before heading outdoors.

Transportation in Barnes County, North Dakota

Barnes County, North Dakota is served by a comprehensive transportation system that includes both public and private options. The county is part of the North Dakota Department of Transportation’s (NDDOT) highway network, which includes five major highways – Interstate 94, U.S. Highway 83, U.S. Highway 52, State Highway 8 and State Highway 18 – that connect Barnes County to cities across the state.

Public transportation in Barnes County includes Valley City Transit, a bus service operated by the NDDOT that provides service between cities in Barnes County as well as connections to other regional transit systems in nearby counties. Valley City Transit also operates a dial-a-ride service for those unable to access fixed-route buses due to mobility or other issues.

The county also has several airports located within its borders including Valley City Municipal Airport and McHenry County Airport both of which offer commercial flights to destinations around the region and country. In addition, there are several private airports located throughout the county as well as numerous airstrips for smaller aircrafts such as helicopters and crop dusters.

Rail transportation is also available in Barnes County with Amtrak’s Empire Builder line providing daily passenger service between Chicago and Seattle with stops at Jamestown and Valley City along the way. In addition, freight railroads operated by BNSF Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway provide rail services throughout the county for bulk shipments of goods from local businesses or industries located in nearby cities or townships.

Barnes County offers residents a variety of transportation options including highways, public buses, airports, trains and even some private options such as airstrips for smaller aircrafts or crop dusters making it easy for people to get around the county or travel outside of it when necessary.

Cities and towns in Barnes County, North Dakota

Barnes County, North Dakota is a great place to live and visit alike. According to Countryaah, the county seat is Valley City, a vibrant small town with a population of just over 6,000. Valley City is known for its unique architecture, including the beautiful historic courthouse in the center of town. In addition to the courthouse, Valley City also boasts a variety of shops and restaurants that make it an ideal destination for visitors and locals alike.

Just outside of Valley City lies Sheyenne National Grasslands, an expansive area of tallgrass prairie and forests that are home to many species of wildlife. The Sheyenne River flows through the area, offering kayaking opportunities as well as fishing spots throughout the year. The grasslands also provide camping spots for those looking to explore the great outdoors in Barnes County.

Barnes County is also home to several other small towns, each with their own unique character and charm. Litchville is one such town; it’s located right on the Sheyenne River and offers opportunities for swimming and boating in the summer months. Just outside of Litchville lies Eckelson; this charming little village has been around since 1889 and offers some great antique shopping experiences as well as some delicious local eateries. Other towns in Barnes County include Wimbledon, Kathryn, Luverne, Sanborn, Oriska, Tower City and more; each one providing its own special flavor to Barnes County’s overall culture and lifestyle.