Baviux: Product National Can Also Entertain

We are still talking about games in Xataka Android, but changed completely from registry with Baviux, a simple and fun concept created by an Alicante developer called Sergio Viudes.

Baviux has achieved in a short time a valuation of more than 4 stars in Android Market, and everything is due to its simple and retro concept, Curiously similar to the old water toys consisting of Pocket balls in a basket with two buttons which introduced air, who has not had one of those!

In Baviux we will have that Save a few small balls blue, the Baviux, alien creatures who have been abducted and enslaved, taking them to their ships. To this end, we will have to use The accelerometer our phone to change the severity of the map and some side buttons that you push up our friends the Baviux to put them in their ships. But you have to be careful, because there are two other types of creatures, the Maviuks and their servants, the Waviuz, which should not be introduced on ships because they make us delay us in our task or fail the mission.

Baviux is a game that is extremely simple, but addictive and fun, based on small maps or screens as a levels, that manages to entertain using a formula similar to the other games such as Angry Birds or the iPhone, Cut the Rope o iWater Flow, that already are widely recognized by users.

For now the game has 3 different worlds each with 10 levels, and becomes something short, but the developer has already promised new levels in future updates, so the fun will be guaranteed. It is also free, but with advertising, and is available for download in Android Market.

Then I leave a video game running:

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