Before the trip to Thailand

Before the trip to Thailand

Passports and visas
Nordic citizens can stay in Thailand for up to 30 days without a visa. However, there is a requirement that the passport must be valid for 6 months on the way home and there must be 2 unstamped pages and not be broken or cracked anywhere.

Before the trip to Thailand

Vaccinations and health
We recommend that you review your basic protection against diphtheria, polio and tetanus. Feel free to consult a doctor or local health center for advice at least one month before departure. The Thai health care has varying quality in different parts of the country, but in Mae Phim we have a health center close by and the nearest hospital is only 15 km. away. Both maintain a very high standard but regardless it is a comprehensive travel insurance to recommend. Check if you have insurance that covers health care in Thailand and also what it covers in that case. For example, home transport in the event of a more serious accident / illness can be extremely costly. You must also not forget to take your insurance documents with you on the trip. Feel free to bring a small set of “first aid” with patches, headache tablets, etc. If you take medicines daily, you should of course pack these in your hand luggage. Remember to drink a lot in the heat and be aware that the water you drink is either boiled or bottled and the ice in the Mae Phim area is made from bottled water, therefore “harmless”. Eat only fruit that you peel yourself. Avoid raw seafood and raw fish. Wash your hands often – especially before meals. The pharmacy sells over-the-counter medicines for “tourist stomach” that you can take with you. Bring sunscreen, sun hat and mosquito repellent. The pharmacy sells over-the-counter medicines for “tourist stomach” that you can take with you. Bring sunscreen, sun hat and mosquito repellent. The pharmacy sells over-the-counter medicines for “tourist stomach” that you can take with you. Bring sunscreen, sun hat and mosquito repellent.

Currency and exchange rate
In Thailand, the currency is called Baht (THB). 100 SEK is approximately 430 THB (Sep-11). You can switch here at home to Baht. A starting currency of approximately 5,000 Baht per person is a suitable amount to exchange in Sweden before departure. In Mae Phim there is no bank where you can exchange Swedish kronor, but on the other hand ATMs along the beach road where you can get cash – the machine takes all regular bank cards and they are as easy to use as in Sweden.

Weather and clothing The
climate is tropical. The average temperature is 24-32 degrees. The humidity is high. The so-called rainy season is scarce in this part of Thailand. Prolonged rainfall is extremely unusual. On the other hand, there are occasional showers throughout the year that rarely last more than a couple of hours. The attire is very informal and you can leave the fine clothes at home with a clear conscience. Bring comfortable, comfortable shoes and keep in mind that sometimes your feet swell in the heat. Shoes with a light rubber sole are also recommended to avoid slipping. Laundry and ironing services are arranged at the hotel for a fee.

Transport and communication
In Thailand, left-hand traffic prevails. If you want to make a longer trip on your own, you can rent a car with a driver all day and you can rent it at a reasonable price from the travel agency Sunday Travel (we show on arrival in Mae Phom where it is located).

Food and drink
The food in Thailand can be said to be a combination of the Chinese and Indian cuisines. Just like in China, rice and noodles are staple foods. Fish is more important than meat, and you have a lot of vegetables, salads and fruit. The food can thus be said to be quite healthy, and is relatively low in fat. A lot of Thai food can be really spicy. Soups are also common at most meals. A regular meal consists of rice plus three or four different dishes and you eat these at the local restaurants with our tour guide.

Shopping and gifts
In Mae Phim there are some small shops with clothes and souvenirs. The most well-stocked grocery store is located at Hotel Sinsiam on the beach road. Larger shopping is done in Rayong or Pattaya. In Thailand, you can buy Thai silk and cotton by the meter, tailor-made clothes, various kinds of handicrafts, precious stones and gold jewelery.

Customs and usage
The royal couple has an exceptionally strong position in Thailand. Beware of disrespectful statements about the Thai royal family. The royal couple’s image must also be treated with respect – this also applies to banknotes because they have a royal portrait.
When visiting a Buddhist temple, you should wear long trousers, take off your shoes, and avoid stepping on the threshold as it is believed to arouse evil spirits. There is no rule against photographing Buddha statues, however, it is considered rude to pose next to a statue. Do not buy images of the Buddha as souvenirs as it is illegal to bring them out of the country.

General and mixed
Electricity: The voltage is 220 volts, 50 Hz. The connectors can be of a slightly different type but an adapter is not needed in Mae Phim.
Local time: GMT +6 hours. During our summer time + 5 hours.
Language: In Thailand, Thai is spoken. In Bangkok and in major tourist destinations, many can speak English. In smaller towns such as Mae Phim, knowledge of English is lower.
Tips: Appropriate tips in restaurants, bars and cafes are a maximum of 5%. NOTE – the tour guide / guide pays all tips to carriers, drivers, masseurs when we have joint activities and meals. The only tip you need to pay is to the cleaning lady and then 20 Bath / person / night is a reasonable amount that you put in the room on departure.
Travel insurance: Can be purchased through Phoenix. Check what your home insurance covers.