Beme Arrives on Android, the App by Casey Neistat to Share Video without Revision

Beme is a new application that most likely social sharing lovers will try, especially for the name behind the project, one of the famous youtuber Casey Neistat.

Hard to say whether sounding in the midst of so many alternatives, Beme can manage to build a good following, however differs from other applications to the approach to sharing videos.

Beme allows you to record movies and video-messages without any review or publish confirmation from the user. Structured as a social online to live moment by moment, confirming that the video recording mode, which is carried out taking into our Terminal against your chest, forcing us to keep the focus on what we are doing and not to fix our smartphones. Here is the video presentation by Casey Neistat.

Sharing content is automatic, appearing in the classic social feed where we can follow and be followed by users around the globe. Also interesting is the possibility to insert a reaction to a video by taking a photo that best expresses our mood.

Very unique idea, that after publishing on the iOS last year, also arrives on Android with the 1.0.0 version. To follow the download links from their store.