Best Time to Go to Australia

Best Time to Go to Australia

Best time to visit different regions of Australia

The carefully protected nature of Australia, the unusual nature of the animal world, the variety of climatic zones of the Australian mainland – all this again and again attracts both new tourists and those who have already been here. The climate of Australia allows you to travel around the country all year round. Tour operator offers a variety of individual routes and group trips to Australia and neighboring countries.

The geography of the routes we offer is extensive and varied.

The most popular among Russians is the east coast of Australiafrom Sydney or Melbourne, through the beaches of the Gold Coast to Cairns, from where tourists go on cruises to the Great Barrier Reef. On this itinerary, we offer the best hotels in Australia, convenient flights, professional Russian guides and, of course, a lot of the most interesting excursions for everyone – from classic tours of cities and surrounding attractions to exclusive trips by hot air balloons, helicopters, and planes for several places – any tour will be rich in events and pleasant emotions!

You can get acquainted with the culture and beliefs of the Australian Aborigines by visiting the “place of power”, the central part of the mainland, the so-called Red Center. A walk along the bottom of the Royal Canyon with a stop in a green oasis with the speaking name Eden, meeting the dawn and dinner under the stars at the foot of the Uluru cliff is what we recommend to each of our tourists.

Those who want to get in touch with tropical nature and the unique wildlife of Australia should include the Northern Territories (National Parks Kakadu, Litchfield, Nitmiluk, the Catherine River region) and the island of Tasmania in their trip. These, so different, diametrically distant regions of the country, unite vast territories of National Parks, with their transparent reservoirs, forests and clean air.

Divers of all levels and beach lovers will be attracted to the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. It is here, on one of the islands, that there is a respectable resort of the famous network of luxury hotels – One&Only Hayman Island Resort 5*. The island hotel, where it is so good to stop for a few nights after a rich and interesting excursion program around Australia. Most of the islands are best visited between May and October, during the dry season – the perfect time for swimming, snorkelling, diving and just relaxing in one of the luxury hotels in the region.

East Coast – Temperate to Tropical:

Beloved by many, Sydney, with its white cockatoos that replace the city’s crows here, with its light architecture and smiling people, will be especially good in the period from October to April.

The city of festivals, fashion and sports – Melbourne – where many different competitions and concerts are held annually, with its European atmosphere, green gardens and picturesque embankments, will seem to you in all its glory during the Russian winter.

Holidays on the coast of Queensland, where tropical rainforests come right to the edge of the ocean, and the Great Barrier Reef stretches along the mainland for more than 2,000 kilometers, will delight you with its colors from May to October.

In Queensland, there is also the famous Surfer Paradise Beach – not only surfers come here, but also everyone who is looking for a combination of beach holidays (high waves) and unceasing nightlife every day of rest.

tropical north australia

The vast areas of Kakadu, Lichfield and Nitmiluk National Parks are also visited from May to September, during the dry season. More than 280 species of birds, 74 species of reptiles live here, and it was here that the mysterious rock art of primitive people, made in the “X-ray” style, was found – proof of the appearance of the first people on the mainland 40-60,000 years ago.

Arid Red Center

The “Red Heart of Australia” – the central, arid part of the country with its famous Uluru monolith, the picturesque Olgas Ridge, the Royal Canyon and the charming town of Alice Springs located a little further, we recommend visiting during the Australian winter (May-September). During December-February, daytime temperatures are too high here (about 40 degrees).

Flat West Coast

The territory of Western Australia is best visited in spring or autumn, at this time there is no strong summer heat, no winter showers, warm weather and flowers bloom. There are not many settlements here (sometimes the distance between major cities is thousands of kilometers) and one of the most popular types of travel here is car rental.

tasmania island

Australia’s southernmost state, Tasmania, is in the temperate climate zone, so it’s best to come here from November to March (some National Parks are visited only in December – February, so our winter will be the perfect time to visit this island).

Australia is rich and diverse and a trip here will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable experiences in the life of any traveler!

Best Time to Go to Australia