BlackBerry Leaves Manufacture Smartphones, Their New Devices Will Be Third Brands

There was a time when BlackBerry was the brand of mobile devices of choice in professional environments, but the arrival of the Smartphones relegated it to second place and they have long been struggling to adapt to this new stream without losing its essence, but everything can not be and in the end had to give his arm twisting.

First it was with the integration of Android, after the abandonment of the line BlackBerry Classic and now is confirmed the inevitable: BlackBerry leaves the manufacturing of devices and will focus on software. The company delegate part of the hardware to third parties, a strategy that began with the BlackBerry DTEK50, whose production was conducted by Alcatel, and that will be the norm from now on.

The rumours were not wrong and, taking advantage of the announcement of its financial results for the second quarter, the Canadian company has confirmed its hardware division to check the closing, but that they continue to offer devices BlackBerry brand. The difference will be that they will not be manufactured by themselves.

Rumors that BlackBerry could confirm this decision arose when last year John Chen, CEO of the company, said that it would need to consider leaving the business of hardware if it wasn’t profitable, claim that repeated more recently and now is finally confirmed. For Chen, currently the company wants to focus on the section of the software and hope that this change allows them to maximize benefits.

“Our new strategy of mobility solutions is showing signs of strength, including our first big agreement software license with a telecommunications company in Indonesia (…) Under this strategy, we are focusing on the development of software, including security and applications. The company plans to put an end to the development of internal hardware and subcontract that task to other companies. This allows us to reduce capital requirements and leverage the benefits of our investments”

As we said, BlackBerry was a reference brand in the mobile landscape, but the arrival of the new mobile platforms ended up relegating its proposal to the background. In 2009, BlackBerry occupying 40% of the market share of mobile platforms in the United States, but the unstoppable growth of Android and iOS has done that that figure will fall to less than 1%.

The purpose of the production of smartphones is the last attempt by the survival of BlackBerry. Today knew the rumor that could be their next release, the BlackBerry DTEK60 which, again, would be manufactured by Alcatel (TLC). Now it remains to be seen if his new strategy bears fruit.