BlackBerry Presents to Half The DTEK70 Mercury with Physical Keyboard, Which Will Arrive at MWC

Today touches Conference of TCL at the CES in Las Vegas, but unfortunately there would be no mobile BlackBerry as the protagonist. The Canadian company’s Blackberries entrusted production to the Chinese manufacturer since some models, and the next to arrive, the BlackBerry Mercury, supposedly DTEK70, will not officially. But yes have been allowed to see.

It seems that the BlackBerry guys will wait a couple of months, until the MWC in Barcelona, to be held to publicize his next creation. A BlackBerry DTEK70 designed in Canada but made in China that aims to return the brand one of the characteristics that made her known in the past: the physical keyboard. What we know of it? Already there are available several contact.

The return of the physical keyboard

The new DTEK line that began with the model 50 and followed shortly after with the 60 aimed at a new generation of smartphones from BlackBerry which, among other things, differed between little or nothing of the Alcatel that made the own TCL. The abandonment of the physical keyboard seemed to leave the BlackBerry Priv as a the last defender of classic BlackBerry style.

Different leaks from images and video of this future BlackBerry DTEK70, known for the moment as Mercury, indicated that old habits are resumed and have confirmed it some media with terminal contact. We return to the physical keyboard with this new BlackBerry which also includes some interesting improvements, some already known.

For the moment, the space bar on the keyboard have a fingerprint reader front. Depending on the size of the device, not revealed, we could be in the little seen so far, but we will confirm this in his official presentation. BlackBerry also retrieves the touch function on your physical keyboard, and allows us to scroll from the same. Something that had the BlackBerry Passport coming in 2014.

Nougat with nuggets of BlackBerry

This BlackBerry DTEK70, or Mercury, will arrive directly with 7.0 Android Nougat inside, although with Blackberry software upgrades already known by previous models. Thus, together with Nougat we will have the system notifications when someone photographs or videos without our permission, we will have encryption for photographs and even the BlackBerry software to store passwords. Without olvidanos of Good Work, WatchDox or BBM Protected.

As for the exterior design, the BlackBerry DTEK70 arrives built in metal with a coating of a material that looks like rubber. There is no doubt that the Canadian company have put effort into is a durable Terminal, suggesting it may not be very economical. We’ll see what happens in the MWC because, unfortunately, we do not know what is inside.

BlackBerry has not provided any technical specification, but there are a couple of aspects that, because external characteristics, if known at the moment. In addition to the aforementioned physical keyboard, the DTEK70 will be with USB port type C, We’ll see if 3.0 or 3.1, and keep the headset port. Given the current trend, it seems that both Sony and BlackBerry keep you for now.