BlackBerry Priv Sells Less Than Anticipated and the Focus Shifts on Average Range

BlackBerry Priv continues to produce sales results below expectations. The 600,000 units sold during the last quarter are in fact less than 850,000 units expectations according to Wall Street analysts ‘ forecasts and are also less than 700,000 units sold in the previous quarter, showing how the product is going to encounter the usual physiological decline.

This is not good news, since BlackBerry must be able to sell 3 million units by the end of the year to reach the breakeven point and, following the current trend, the situation is more complicated, although CEO John Chen has never explicitly mentioned these important issues. Over the past few months, in fact, the statements have always been quite warm but never pessimistic. The reality is far more worrying instead, since the future of Canadian society might decide during this and the next quarter.

To try to counteract this dangerous descent, which led the company to achieve net losses to 238 million dollaroff against profits amounted to 468 million, BlackBerry seems to be interested in focus more on average. Please remember that the Canadian company has two other devices based on Android to be presented during the 2016 and, according to the latest speculation, these terminals should belong both to the midrange.

We don’t know whether this choice can encourage a positive thrust for the fate of BlackBerry, since price BlackBerry Priv misplacement, the main reason behind its failure, was justified, saying the company, from the desire to not devalue the brand; at this point it is seriously hard to think of a BlackBerry mid range priced competitively.

BlackBerry Priv is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 662 euro or from euro 724to Monclick.