BlackBerry Puts an End to The Manufacture of Smartphones with BlackBerry OS 10

Numbers and intentions of BlackBerry are known by all already at this stage. The company, which in its time captured with Nokia mobile market, is taking steps to move away from that company offering a wide range of devices, now focusing on providing software solutions for companies and for different OS.

2016 John Chen, CEO of the company, has already said that they did not intend to launch new devices with BlackBerry OS 10, that its innovations in hardware would be limited to two new smartphones with Android operating system. And it seems that we are about to meet those new devices, we know that BlackBerry has announced that he halts the production of smartphones with its own OS.

If you want a BlackBerry with its own operating system make haste, because you can only get it While the current stock. Buying a smartphone with BlackBerry OS 10, or even the Priv, in many countries is not a simple task, online stores being almost the only way to do this, but in order to the production will be even more complicated.

The news has been known as a result of a statement of the U.S. Senate, which was still relying on BlackBerry OS 10. The House of representatives had AT & T and Verizon as providers of devices, and these have been reported by BlackBerry has indefinitely stopped manufacturing.

Goodbye Passport, Classic, Q10, Z10…

Of course this is news of new hardware will no longer with BlackBerry. Its sales of devices are at levels lower than its history and with the software as main source of income, is time of minimize investment in hardware. In fact all rumors suggest that at least one of their new Android smartphones will be manufactured by TCL.

Despite the end of the production of devices with BlackBerry OS 10, that seems a permanent abandonment under which new smartphones with the OS of the company, are not expected BlackBerry will continue providing support to the owners of the Passport, Classic, Q10, or Z10 among others, the latest devices with BB OS 10. But surely this aims to be a point and end in this field. Android and iOS are charged a victim and we will see if it is the last.