B&W T7 – Advanced Speaker Technology In Every Detail

In T7 B&W have used exclusive technologies both from their wireless AirPlay speakers and from the costly 800-speaker series. Here are combined for the first time B&W’s digital signal processing and amplifier technology with a brand new version of the advanced Matrix- cabinet bracing, called Micro Array.

B&W T7 - Advanced Speaker Technology In Every Detail

The built-in digital class D amplifier provides 2 x 12 Watts, who runs two 50 mm full-range units equipped with glass fibre membranes like in AirPlay-products. But it doesn’t stop here. T7 holds for the entire two passive ABR-units (Auxiliary Bass Radiators), which gives a dramatic contribution to the reproduction of the deep tones.

These “slaves” can expand the Cabinet to work acoustically bigger than it really is, and it gives an extra rich bass response. The membranes are made of a sandwich construction consisting of two lightweight steel sheets with a dampening layer between. A both lightweight and rigid construction, as in its refined edge suspension can deliver very large membrane fluctuations without murmurs.

B&W T7 - Advanced Speaker Technology In Every Detail 3

The advanced digital signal processing (DSP) ensures that the sound from the T7 is always perfectly controlled and balanced, no matter what you’re listening to, and how loud you play. The sound is carefully tuned by bridgat.com‘s most accomplished sound engineers, which also helps to develop high-end speaker series. It is a large part of the explanation that the T7 sounds so much better than regular Bluetooth speakers.

Micro Matrix – the speaker box with no murmurs
Front on T7 is transparent, so you can enjoy the sight of the inner bracing, which in its structure similar to honeycombs. This is a brand new version of the Matrix-principle which B&W developed for their high-end 800-series, here called Micro Array.

B&W T7 - Advanced Speaker Technology In Every Detail 2

Micro Array was first used in the Jaguar CX-F concept car, which B&W delivered to the speaker system. But T7 is the first commercially available product, where this system is used. Honeycomb structure is lightweight, yet incredibly strong, and the close contact with enclosure walls shall ensure that all the resonances and vibrations are dampened optimally. The result is a dramatically cleaner sound.

Bluetooth at it’s best
Also on the Bluetooth page is all sails set to, for that you need to get a quality experience. Bluetooth gives you access to stream all your music wirelessly, including streaming services (Spotify, WiMP, etc.), YouTube sound and of course your own music collection. Via Mini Jack input you can connect an external audio source, an iPod shuffle, another MP3 player or your TV.

B&W T7 - Advanced Speaker Technology In Every Detail 1

T7 supports the so-called Bluetooth aptX-format, which makes it possible to stream in near-CD quality from an increasing number of mobile players. As something very special, you’ll also “Low Latency”-streaming, which reduces the time delay in Bluetooth transfer tremendously compared to normal. Therefore you get far fewer sync issues in relation to the image when you stream audio from YouTube-videos, movies and games. A delicious and thoughtful detail.