Central America Top Tourist Countries

Central America is wedged between South America in the south on the one hand and North America in the north on the other, which makes the countries there easily forgotten. In theory, Central America belongs to North America, but in practice the region is usually seen as a unit of its own. Check Countryaah website for comprehensive guide to Central America and all countries within this region.


  • Capital: Guatemala City
  • Population: 15.8 million
  • Currency: Quetzal
  • Language: Spanish
  • Country code for telephone: +502

Guatemala is one of the largest population countries in Central America and there is plenty of excitement there for curious tourists, with everything from nature experiences and swimming to ancient ruins.

Tourist in Guatemala

Monterrico is the country’s most popular beach. It is located not far from Guatemala City and the sand is black volcanic sand which makes it look very special.

Otherwise, the most exciting destination in Guatemala is Tikal, the most impressive of all the Mayan ruins (although there are many in the country). Visiting Guatemala without seeing Tikal is almost criminal. This is best done in combination with the fantastic city of Flores, located in the middle of an island in a lake not far from there. By the way, Flores is a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to explore all the Mayan ruins in the area.

Vaccination in Guatemala

Vaccination against yellow fever is required for those who have recently visited a country at risk. Otherwise, hepatitis A vaccination is a good idea, in combination with hepatitis B vaccine if your stay is planned to last longer than three weeks. In some cases, vaccination against typhoid is also recommended.


  • Capital: Tegucigalpa
  • Population: 8.2 million
  • Currency: Lempira
  • Language: Spanish
  • Country code for telephone: +504

The tourism industry in Honduras is so far not as fully developed as it could be, which is a shame. The country has much that international tourists would appreciate: fantastic beaches, water and coral reefs, ancient ruins and wonderful scenery. Those who visit the country will be richly rewarded.

Tourist in Honduras

The Bahia Islands north of the mainland are very popular destinations for those who enjoy diving, with diving schools and one of the world’s largest coral reefs. Those who do not like diving can instead explore all the ruins the Mayan civilization has left behind. Most impressive is the ruin city of Cop├ín with all its stone portraits, but there are many others to choose from. Honduras also has very exciting wild nature for those who really feel adventurous.

Vaccination in Honduras

Vaccination against yellow fever is a requirement if you have recently visited a country where the disease is present. Otherwise, it is vaccination against hepatitis A that applies, and also against hepatitis B if you intend to stay longer. For longer stays, vaccination against typhoid may also be required. In some areas of Honduras there is malaria, and it may be a good idea to bring medicine for the disease.


  • Capital: Managua
  • Population: 6.1 million
  • Currency: Cordoba
  • Language: Spanish
  • Country code for telephone: +505

Nicaragua is a poor country that has been in big trouble for a long time. But it has turned, and it is not least shown by the fact that the country is now seriously becoming a tourist destination. The country has very beautiful scenery, nice beaches and many exciting attractions to attract.

Tourist in Nicaragua

Managua may be the capital, but Granada is the city that “everyone” knows and it is also the main tourist destination in the country. The city has many museums, exciting colonial architecture and also offers indigenous food and crafts. Visiting the city is like traveling a hundred years or more back in time.

Nicaragua can also offer many nice hiking trails, excellent surfing opportunities and very exciting for those who want an active holiday. The Maiz Islands, on the other hand, are for those who want sun and bath in a tropical paradise.

Vaccine in Nicaragua

Vaccination against yellow fever is required if you have recently visited a country where the disease occurs. All visitors are recommended to vaccinate against hepatitis A, and for stays longer than three weeks, also hepatitis B. Vaccination against typhoid may be beneficial for longer stays.


  • Capital: Panama City
  • Population: 3.6 million
  • Currency: Balboa and US Dollars
  • Language: Spanish
  • Country code for telephone: +507

Panama is Central America’s southernmost country, best known for the Panama Canal that connects the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean. The canal has traditionally been what gives the country its prosperity, but in recent years there has been more and more investment in tourism.

Tourist in Panama

The Panama Canal is something that attracts tourists, and traveling along it is something that many want to try. This can be both extremely expensive and reasonably cheap, depending on how luxurious you want it. But it is not just the canal that attracts: those who want swimming, diving and partying all night long then has Bocas del Toros, which consists of nine fantastic islands and part of the mainland. Bocas del Toros is Panama’s single largest tourist destination, and for a good reason.

Vaccination in Panama

Yellow fever occurs in the country and vaccination is strongly recommended. Vaccination against hepatitis A and, at least for longer stays, hepatitis B is also recommended. For longer stays under more rustic conditions also vaccination against typhoid.