The pioneering and most popular sites that allow strangers have video conversations over the web, the Chatroulette received some news this week.

The Channelroulette is a list of channels in which the navigator can choose themes with which I would like to keep edifying conversations with strangers released by the network. Without any sign of surprise for the sweet moments in this post is written eight of the ten most popular topics on the page are certainly related to sex and the other two should probably be related to the topic.
According to the site, to create a new channel just put the subject name of interest before your domain as a (warning: we are not responsible for absolutely nothing that our dear readers can give face to access this link). Already Localroulette is able to identify the user ‘s IP and put the channels relative to their country of origin, and thus see the private parts talk to people with their same culture and language.

Despite having given rise to interesting memes, like Merton pianist, Chatroulette has also been criticized because of “moral problems”. In last June, for example, the American writer stated that “the site died from too much penis”.