Motorola’s popular Moto X-series belongs to the past and soon replaced by Moto Z. In any case, if it was up to the well informed Twitter tipster evleaks.

Motorola-now owned by Lenovo-has already unveiled the Moto G4, G4 Plus as well as G4 Play, but the most interesting news yet lets wait for it: the sequel to last year’s Moto X-smartphone.

After Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola ‘s has long been sown doubt about whether Motorola’s Moto-fire consisting of series X, G and E will continue along the same lines as before.

It would hardly seem to be the case – partly because the leaked picture reveals the next top models with a significantly different design, and partly because the new Moto G smartphones already have received little other names than in the past: Moto G4, which is actually quite the same model name as last year’s LG G4-top model.

The last sign that that’s going to be big changes this year with the familiar Moto X-smartphones, is a series of new information from the well-known Twitter tipster, evleaks, also known as Evan Blass, who via the website VentureBeat has published the information.


Herein, it appears that he has seen the future of marketing material for the next two top models, and here there is no 4. generation Moto X to find, but rather a brand new series called Moto Z. Moreover, it sounds that the next two models – until now known as Moto X – instead going to get names Moto Z Play and Moto Z Style, the latter being the top model.

One would almost think that Lenovo and Sony have jointly agreed to swap series names with each other. With only three months apart get Moto phones now the Z-series as a name, like Sony after many years have just changed out with an X-series (as Motorola has had in many years-until now).

As the previous pictures have revealed, will the next two Moto Z smart phones stand out from the crowd by being able to get connected to the new backs with associated modules over 16 magnetic connector pin on the back. These modules counts so far, a stereo speaker, a battery pack, a camera grip with Flash and optical zoom, a pico-projector and a hardwearing cover with a wide-angle lens and originally went under the name of Amps, but will now instead be called MotoMods.

It is expected that the two new Moto Z-smartphones will be published by Lenovo Tech World-event Thursday, 9. June, where also Lenovo’s Project Tango-smartphone in cooperation with Google seem to be launched officially in addition to that it probably will be teaset by tonight’s Google i/o event.