Consumer Council: Return of Defective Goods Can Be Fee Trap

11 out of 28 links will take a charge of up to a thousand dollars to investigate a defective item.

Should your smartphone or laptop strikes, it is natural to take advantage of the two-year guarantee which provides for the sale of goods Act and get this error corrected.

However, it can run up to hundreds of dollars in fees, to send an item return, if the business or the workshop itself does not believe that the error of covered by the warranty.

It shows a survey, conducted by the Consumer Council Think, where 11 out of 28 of those chain stores charge a so-called investigation fee for items they believe fall outside the guarantee.

Is your flat panel monitor or mobile, therefore, affected by an error which is not covered by the warranty, you could therefore get your defective product with a bill of up to thousands of dollars on top of that.


The practice is deeply unfair, according to the Consumer Council Tænks President, Anja Philip, because it erodes the warranty it should give the right to complain for two years after purchase:

“Consumers who want to make use of their legal right to complain, threaten to get the product back with the same error and a big expense on top. It causes people to abandon repairs and it holds people from complaining. Examination fees is undermining the warranty, which is a cornerstone of Danish consumer protection. It does not, “she says.

In a second Think-study from February showed that 11 percent of consumers have experienced to be required to pay an examination fee, while almost one in four replied that the Elimination of the fee will be one of the main reasons to get repaired several products.

Here are the most expensive to get vetted his product

With 11 of the 28 surveyed sales chains, charged that the investigation fee of between 225 and 1,000 kronor. You can see the list below:

  • The grocery store: up to 1000 us $.
  • El-giganten: Approximately 795 kr.
  • El-sale: Size not stated
  • Føtex: up to 1000 us $.
  • Humac: 499 USD for computers, 250 us $. for other products.
  • up to 400 us $.
  • 250 DKK per half hour.
  • TDC: up to $ 306.
  • Telia: 225 us $.
  • 3:275 kr.
  • Haqancleli: up to 650 kr.

The other companies that do not charge anything undesøgelsesgebyr are: B.J. Trading, Computer City,, Danbo, facts, Idémøbler, Ilva, L’Easy, Lydspecialisten, Power, Salling, Sound2Vision, Super brugsen, Telenor and Telmore.