Cut The Rope, Another Great Game on The Verge of Reaching Android

After the success of Rovio and its acclaimed Angry Birds, which let the record downloads in Android Market in a hardly surmountable 2 million in just 2 days, becomes ZeptoLab for try to repeat or even surpass the feat.

For those who don’t know this company, they are the creators of other games more downloaded from the Apple App Store, the famous catalog Cut the Rope, coming now to make his landing in tried Android that is on a high.

Cut the Rope is a simple and fun game, the winning style that became fashionable Angry Birds. Gameplay with a simple objective, screens as levels and different challenges, we will have to feed our Green Monster, cutting the strings so that the ball falls in your mouth.

Exact date is not known for its official launch on the platform of Google, but the creators themselves have been uploaded to Youtube a videopreview in the game, in which we can see that this very forward in their development. This makes us think that the release is imminent and let us rejoice therefore, since it is one of the most anticipated games on Android.

We leave the videopreview so you go opening mouth:

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