Cyanogen Will Allow Deny Permissions to Applications

In the post that we’ve talked about issues of security and malware in Android always I have recommending that you check permissions calling applications before installing. You never know if the developer has introduced some malicious option take advantage of the.

However the community always is ahead on security issues. Already in his day showed his quickness to get a patch to remove the malware that was published in the Android Market now Cyanogen, the eponymous ROM developers have announced on their website development to introduced the option of revoke specific permissions applications.

Currently the permissions in Android system operates in a way rather limited. We accept all the permissions that the application requires or we are left without using it. A few developers of Cyanogen seem not very much agree with this and have decided to start developing a patch for, from the control panel, choose which permissions are to be revoked.

At the moment Steve Kondik, creator and head of Cyanogen, has confirmed that this patch will go in the next version 7.1 your ROM. The question now is What happen will when refuse some permissions?

Could occur two things, and in principle this will depend on the developer: on the one hand that the application works properly and that the denial of permits does not generate any problems and on the other hand, to carry out the action the application stop working.

At the moment there are many tests to be done but I personally hope that the idea to succeed and to serve so we can configure the permissions on our Android to our liking. Another future problem is making this type of application in something compelled to avoid possible malicious traps made by developers with little honest purposes.