DALI CUBIC FREE – Countless Opportunities For Easy And Delicious Sound

In addition to Bluetooth gets you in cubic FREE also USB connection for your computer, an optical input to Digital TV audio, RCA input for your CD player as well as an analog 3.5 mm Mini-Jack input which can be used for older MP3 players or similar.

All in all an unusually versatile range of options, which both gives you convenience and full-blooded Hi-Fi options without you is dependent on having a wi-fi network at your fingertips. In this context, it is worth mentioning that the power consumption in cubic FREE is under 0.5 watt in standby. This is much less than most other wireless speakers, where especially the wi-fi-based solutions can easily lie on it tenfold – or even more!

Are you using CUBIC FREE as TV-speaker, you can load the codes from your existing TV remote control. Thus you can screw up and down for the loudspeaker with the TV remote control as you normally would. For use with CD player or similar, you can sit back and use the supplied dedicated remote for CUBIC FREE.
Serious Hi-Fi solutions in all details

Behind the elegant outer saves CUBIC FREE on a genuine two-way speaker at full size, and it is a big part of the reason behind the impressive sound quality. Bass/midrange unit is on 5 “, and it is equipped with Dali’s characteristic and illustrious wood fiber-membrane. The treble is a 1 “softdome with very great proliferation just like on a large part of Dali’s traditional models. Even when you use CUBIC FREE on your own, you’ll get why an impressive dynamic and natural sound, which far surpasses the manipulated pseudo-stereo, you meet in most everything-in-one-competitors.

The built-in digital class D amplifier provides the entire 100 Watts, so no matter how you want to use your CUBIC system, you have plenty of power available. You will have true stereo in full format, you can supplement with the passive CUBIC XTRA, as you quickly can connect via Dali’s special connection cable (included with BT5KDKZ2QOM).

In addition, output to subwoofer FREE has CUBED, so you have the opportunity to enjoy music or movies in a full-range 1.1 or 2.1 Setup. CUBIC FREE has integrated electronic crossover network, which ensures that music signals and power always be allocated optimally, no matter which Setup you choose.
Bluetooth – the easy way to the music stream

Bluetooth is an incredibly easy way to play music wirelessly. You must not speculate on complicated network setup and other difficulties. When you enable Bluetooth on your smartphone, pops up automatically on the display FREE CUBED. Then just choose this as a music player, and then you can sit on the couch and control all the delights wirelessly.

On the minus side is not quite on a par yet sonically Bluetooth with other alternatives, Airplay. However, you can still achieve a very reasonable sound quality, and with the so called aptX-encoding, which is supported by an increasing number of smartphones and tablets, you get Bluetooth audio in a quality, which is very close to the CD.
CUBIC FREE supports stereo digital audio up to 24-bit/96 kHz via the optical input. Multi channel digital audio is not supported.