I started using EverNote 2 years ago, but I didn’t pay much attention, because in the end my notes were not interesting enough to always take them over. It was enough that I had to carry the day a project to discover how wrong was.

For those who do not know EverNote, define it as an application to store notes, which are and as sean: notes written, photographed, spoken, shared by email, browser and also, synchronized from your computer.

First of all it is necessary to clarify that EverNote It can be adapted to other uses, such as turning it into a task manager, but is not its purpose, and if we use it for this purpose we will notice quite a few shortcomings. The best task managers is to focus on other applications such as Doit.IM

In any case, if you are of those who use few applications and squeeze its possibilities by combining all your needs like in EverNote, I invite you to read everything that the Lord Berto Pena It is able to teach on the subject on his blog Think Wasabi.

EverNote, the virtue of store it all but well located

The first thing that catches your attention of this application is how simple that is its interface: Add note, capture, show notes, show the notes according to their labels, display the grouped notes in notebooks and search.

The user manual of EverNote is simple, stores what you want, da same type that is, if it is important or not, if it’s temporary or permanently, store it and not worry about the rest. Later, when you need it or have time, already put you order. At the beginning this is very true, what need is there order 4 notes? When you start to have 10 times more as you start to worry. In addition, when you have more notes it is when you start to interact with each other and then it starts good.

You can group the notes in books according to subject matter. In addition, each note can have tags, all that you need and, even though the notes are different notebooks, will be linked by those labels.

You can later find a note, or a group of notes of the same subject, either by choosing a notebook or one or more tags. It ends up becoming a game, store information and find it.

EverNote, simple but powerful interface

Do not walk with rodeos in the interface for Add notes, leaving a panel very clear, but with all its localized functions and plenty of space for what is important, your notes.

  • Access to the main menu.
  • Put a name to this note.
  • Here is where meterás text, images, audio and/or files.
  • It decides which book will belong this note or step, add a new book.
  • The same as with the book, but for labels.
  • To add a file, perhaps a compressed file of work.
  • Add a photo that will always be more descriptive than a thousand words.
  • If you don’t mind your voice sounds like, it is not bad resource to add this type of notes.

When you take time to use it you will notice that almost everything want you store here, goodbye to the paper.

EverNote, your browser will leave you amazed

The search engine of EverNote is simply spectacular, let me explain. Any task manager usually includes a search engine, something fundamental when storing so many notes haphazardly at the end is a cajon de sastre. Search notes text makes it perfectly, but search in notes are not text already leaves you amazed.

I have already mentioned that photographed notes, for example business card, or a screenshot of any purchase can be added. When sync them on servers of EverNote executes a process of OCR (optical character recognizer) looking for all possible text within that image and indexing it for future searches. Seriously, afraid of the well that it works, you have to try it.

Also includes the possibility of Search by location, that is, when you create the note you can add where you have created it, ideal if you are from here to there constantly, recording things. So you can use this filter to remind that you listed depending on the site.

EverNote 2.6, recently updated

For which they assuredly use EverNote for the reason that out, I put a day with changes to the current version.

  • With version 2.6, we can already edit any kind of note, gives equal if we create them in our computer with rich text, will no longer be a problem. Now we will edit it leaving the same style that the original note. Well, because a nuisance was having to create .txt type notes to be able to edit them without error on the mobile. Welcome to be footnotes to full color and detail.
  • They have created a new system for display of books, which have been baptized with the name of Snippets (Fragments, but they have left the name in English). It consists of add a thumbnail of the note to, at a glance, find out its contents. By what I’m seeing, when the note has a photo, to the right adds a thumbnail of this, and if it is only text, includes an intro of the same. It seems simple, but it is very comfortable to find notes when you have so many and go with a bit of haste.
  • For útlimo, in the desktop version, in the view of books them we can group or stack. Now we will also have this kind of view in our Mobile Android. As in the previous improvement, the goal is to facilitate the visual search on the mobile version, so if you can avoid it, you find that note without resorting to search for keyboard.
  • They also add that they have solved bugs in synchronization, as well as speed up this process, leaving him 6 times faster. All that is to win time welcome is.

Although the video that can be found in the Android Market It does not include new features, will give you an idea of your chances.

EverNote, free or paid version?

The mobile EverNote application is free, there is no paid version, since it is paid is the service. The free service, which is what I’m using always is very sufficient for everything. Version Premium payment, presents these extras:

  • It removes the advertising on the mobile free version (and desktop).
  • It increases the monthly fee of new notes store.
  • Prioritize you recognition of text in your images with text and PDF.
  • It allows more types of files.
  • More security.
  • When you share a note, it allows the other user can change it.
  • All free version allows you to choose which notes you can view without an internet connection. The free version only allows you to see thumbnails of these notes offline, but not the content.

The rule of always, use EverNote to the end of the free and if you need more, then pay for it be worth.

EverNote, a widget to control everything

And finally, for convenience and instant access can put the EverNote Widget on the desktop)1), which includes 1 click of the functions of Add note. You can also add direct access to the notes from the desktop)2) that most are using at that time, so click to open quickly. In my case, I prefer to leave the shortcut to EverNote from the desktop)3), because I have many applications installed and so I can leave on the microSD with no problems.

Remember that widget is activated and functioning it will require that the application is installed in the memory of the mobile base (at least with Android 2.2 Froyo).

EverNote, strengths and weaknesses

I really enjoy using EverNote, but when you take a time using, as happens with all applications, you start him to find the drawbacks.

  • As I have said, with the free version you can not check the contents of the notes if you do not have internet access, so if you’ll be offline or abroad, open that note and share it with another application that does not need any connection to operate. That if, with the version Premium disappears this problem, since you can mark notes for reference offline
  • The main virtue of this application is that when you add a note, this is uploaded to servers of EverNote for later synchronize with your account on any mobile device or desktop (application or web). The PC version has the advantage of better integrate with the rest of desktop applications, even allows you to add a printer EverNote, that makes you just want to print on a PDF and automatically syncs it to your EverNote account. So you can create notes from your computer (it is the best of the best) and then view them or edit them from your mobile.
  • The simplicity of EverNote may also be failing. It is an application to add notes, order them, and have them always at hand, but nothing more. You can get them to use it for other purposes, but just have to take many detours and you can not get everything you needed. Perhaps, to complement

Possibly you also know another application which is going very strong in this same sector. It is called Springpad and the best way to define it is to call it a vitamin-enriched EverNote. Now I will do a review for those who still don’t know it.

I hope that you have found interesting this application (if you don’t know it), but above all, I hope that you begin it to use already, as much as we like to use it to us.