Everything Points to That The Upcoming BlackBerry Will Have New Manufacturer, TCL

That BlackBerry does not go through their best moments, at least in the terminals division, is something known to all. The duopoly that are forming iOS and Android He is leaving without opening any other operating system, as it is currently happening to Windows and as happened in the past already to BlackBerry OS.

With that Outlook, the Canadian company chose to give a turnaround to its strategy of terminals. THE number of new terminals has been reduced to the minimum and have abandoned their own Android operating system. At the moment only we know the Priv within this new plan in terminals, but we know that in July we will visit two new bets, more economic, although it seems that There will even be a new manufacturer.

BlackBerry already made us know that its commitment in 2016 would reduce two new terminals with Android inside aimed at the mid-range. In his recent presentation of results said us that these two terminals would reach the same month of July, in a few days, but now we know that the TCL of china would sign at least one of those new smartphones, responsible for manufacture Alcatel phones.

BlackBerry Hamburg or Alcaltel Idol 4?

Already more than one week ago there was speculation with the possibility that the delay in the departure of Alcatel Idol 4 had something to do with a partnership between the company and BlackBerry, and the WiFi certificate from a terminal made by TCL confirms this today. Two are tracks which leaves this certificate: the name DTEK 50 (DTEK was also used in the Priv) and the name of the model, STH100-2, similar in style to the Priv, STV-100-1.

To finish all these suspicions, if we look at the leaked BlackBerry Hamburg benchmark, the technical name which appeared in it was STH100-X, so it all points to one direction: that Hamburg would be or the same Idol 4 Alcatel or a version of this. In both cases, we are talking about a terminal with 5.2-inch display, 3 GB of RAM, 13 and 8 megapixel cameras, although the difference is that according to the filtering the Hamburg would have a Snapdragon 615 by heart (eight-core 1.5 GHz) while the 4 Idol has a Snapdragon 617 (eight-core 2.2 GHz).

With all these rumors, that it seems that we can confirm or deny in a matter of days, what We can put into question is the desire to BlackBerry by follow on its terminals division. It seems that one of their new devices will have little BlackBerry, beyond the customization of Android and its applications. A last ran or a successful new strategy? Soon we’ll see.