On November 9, 2004 was born the 1.0 version of what would become the second browser most used worldwide, Firefox. The original project announced by Mozilla in 2003, called the Phoenix browser. Later it was renamed to Firebird, which the Firebird database company did not like. It was only in February 2004 that he earned the name carries today.

Firefox the creator does not want to let the date go blank. Therefore, Mozilla created the campaign “Light the World” which suggests that its members deem parties around the planet using the browser theme. And they say to send festive items for free for those who ‘gently ask for more’, and deliver promotional gifts for the best pictures or videos tagged Firefox5.

Christopher Blizzard, Mozilla’s Hacks blog, says that much of the Web has been improved thanks to Firefox, including with regard to the standardization of formats and security tools. It also states that the next five years will be as significant as the five now, with further development especially in the areas of video, privacy and mobility.

The idea “Firefox’s birthday and who wins is you!” Is not the most original of all, but still, Firefox congratulations! Well you could learn to use diapers and stop making poop in my RAM, right? [Mashable]