The first, official press photo of OnePlus 3 has been leaked, where there can be seen the significant different backside in a metal construction rather than plastic.

Pictures from toppling forward of the next OnePlus 3 from the still relatively new Chinese manufacturer, but so far it has only been in the form of spy photos in extremely poor quality. Now is the well-known Twitter tipster, evleaks, on the field with the first official press photo of OnePlus 3, which really shows the new design.

Indeed, as the first photos gave rise to believe, is the well-known Sands tone-back with the very rough texture scrapped in favor of a unibodykonstruktion made of metal. OnePlus follows thus the latest trend, where the focus is on the design, as rather than plastic like is done in metal or glass.

Metal construction brings with it a completely new design, which particularly stands out from the predecessors on the back. Here there is a brand new camera module, which undeniably very similar to it from Galaxy S6, while antenna lines and bottom in General looks like a fusion of what can be found on the HTC One M9 and iPhone 6s. That looks with the other appear to be taken the best from multiple producers familiar designs.

The front looks like still greatly OnePlus 2, there is still a minimalist and have a fingerprint reader below the screen. Of other interesting design changes can be observed that the jack plug is moved from the top to the bottom, just as the so-called “alert slider” button, again is where you easily can push up and down to change the three audio modes “normal”, “priority” and “total silence”.

Gets the AMOLED screen and battery on 3,000 mAh

Together with the leaked press photos informs evleaks that OnePlus 3 sheep display technology AMOLED, which compared to the more widely used LCD monitors, among other things. in OnePlus 2, is far more colorful with saturated colors. Amoled panels is also able to show much higher contrast, which black actually is black and not grey.

It matches a previous rumor two weeks ago, who went on to be equipped with Samsung’s version of 3 OnePlus OLED-display technology known as Super AMOLED.

Evan Blass can on Twitter also disclose that OnePlus 3 “only” comes with a battery of 3,000 mAh. It sounds immediately as an excellent capacity taken into account that both Samsung Galaxy, HTC 10 and Huawei S7 P9 has exactly the same capacity, but it is, however, significantly lower than the same rumor for the two weeks ago, where it was said that capacity would smoke up at 3,500 mAh compared to 3,300 mAh in OnePlus 2.

Can be on the road in two different screen sizes

Something, however, may have different information to make sense anyway. Note on the new press photo, to the two OnePlus 3 phones seems to have different sizes. The bottom of the two phones are placed directly above each other, but they are far from the same width.

Something could therefore suggest that OnePlus 3 comes with two different screen sizes. It also explains the somewhat confusing speed tests, where there are two different model numbers (A3000 and A3003) with two different screen sizes: 5 “and 5.5” Respectively.

It would therefore make sense, if the rumor about the battery at 3,500 mAh applies the major release of 5.5 “, while evleaks’s recent disclosure of a battery at 3,000 mAh applies the smaller OnePlus 3 of 5”.

It is of course just speculation, but it gets a little confusing the rumors to immediately make sense. What do you think? OnePlus 3 on the road in is two screen sizes, or is it just another time uncertain rumors?