FleE, Turns Your Android into a Game & Watch

Flée is a game created by Spanish developers Frugal Games, which brings all the retro charm of the Classic Game & Watch, those proto-80 portable consoles to Android.

The screen of your Android becomes when one of these things, with every little detail. So many that it is difficult not to recall those breaks in the College in which you presumías your last acquisition, until another came with a better.

The game itself is the classic stroller that you go changing lane so it dodge the rest of the traffic, which travels at a slower rate than you. To control the car, you have to press the buttons of the Game & Watch, which appear on the touch screen. In addition, is full of details to make it completely realistic… do you remember what happened when you friendly LCDs?

The drawings were “lit” there where friendly. Flée has that same effect. You just have to go finger through the image on the screen to get it, as you can be seen in this snapshot with my paw translucent:

You have two modes of play. Mode is which I have already commented. In mode B, instead of controlling the car, you must do some rabbits to go jumping lane to dodge the traffic. To change the mode or to turn on / off music, you must click on the buttons of the Game & Watch.

Another detail… do you remember what happened to the surroundings of the buttons? They were full of dirt and had to clean it with alcohol (or colony). Flée also happens: as you’re playing, the Game & Watch goes dirty (shown in the screenshots). We can clean it from the application menu.

The menu also includes a complete aid that keeps the same style of the original manuals. Even indicate you the type of batteries it uses…

The Lite version has 36 levels and 8 different songs. The full version offers 96 levels and 20 songs… for just one euro. I leave you with a few images of the game:

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