In Rhodes you can enjoy the beaches almost all year round as the sun shines about 300 days a year.


Rhodes is a traditional package holiday destination

Numerous domestic travel agencies offer trips to Rhodes. The main destinations are Rhodes, the island’s capital at the northern end of the island, the nearby family resort of Ixia, and Faliraki, the island’s most popular beach destination, suitable for lovers of a vibrant nightlife. The island includes, for example, Aurinkomatkat, TUI, Apollomatkat and Tjäreborg of the selections of .

You can also travel to Rhodes on your own on a scheduled flight, as Finnair and Norwegian operate directly to the island from Helsinki during the summer seasons. The flight time is about four hours and at its cheapest the flights cost about 250 euros. There are also connecting flights, which are often cheaper than direct flights.

Rhodes Airport is approximately 15 km from Rhodes Town. In addition to Helsinki, the largest travel agencies offer direct flights from Turku, Oulu and Jyväskylä, for example. In addition to package tours, some travel agencies offer only flights. The island can also be visited as part of a Mediterranean cruise. Indeed, many cruisers stop right in front of Rhodes Old Town.

Like many other Greek resorts, many Finns visit Rhodes. Thanks to the abundant offer, there are often also very cheap last-minute sudden departures.

Accommodation for everyone’s wallet

The popularity of Rhodes as a travel destination ensures that the island has a rich selection of hotels in every price range. There are both luxurious luxury hotels and modest apartment hotels. At its cheapest, a double room is available in Rhodes for about 30 euros, so the island is perfect as a holiday destination even for those on a budget.

Most of the accommodation is located on the east coast of the island, and finding a hotel inland can be very challenging. Hotels are mainly centered around the most popular travel destinations.

There are also hostels in Rhodes, but due to the cheap price level of the hotels they are not always the most affordable option.


Getting around is by bus, scooter or rental car

In Rhodes, moving from one place to another is easy thanks to smooth public transport. The bus network covers well almost the whole island and is divided into two areas by different actors. The bus service within and around the city of Rhodes is operated by RODA, the bus service of the rest of the island by KTEL. In addition to the bus, the island can also be conveniently reached, for example, by rental car. Driving in Rhodes is quite effortless , because although the traffic culture is different from the Finnish one, there are no big differences.

Scooter hire is also popular in Rhodes and is a nice and relaxed way to get from one resort town attraction to another. Cycling is also popular in Rhodes.



In Rhodes you can enjoy traditional Greek postcard views.

In the old town of Rhodes, the atmosphere is condensed

The large medieval old town of Rhodes creates a unique atmosphere for a sun holiday not found anywhere else. The evening blurs, the lanterns light up and the heels rumble on the narrow cobbled streets. The old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was built mainly in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Dozens of restaurants and bars, dimly romantic alleys and hectic shopping bazaars can be found in the embrace of the four-kilometer-long city wall. The whole city gathers in the evenings in the old town. The most notable attractions are the Palace of the Grand Master as well as Ippoto, Ritarikatu, the oldest street in Greece. The sheltered harbor of Mandrák is guarded by lofty deer placed on top of pillars.

Ancient Lindos enchants

A trip to Rhodes is worth a visit to the charming white village of Lindos and the hill next to the village, which has perhaps the most important archaeological site of Rhodes: the Acropolis of Lindos with its temple grounds. There are the ruins of the ancient temple of Athena and the rugged defensive walls of the John the Knights. The ruins also have great views far into the sea.

Lindos can be reached by bus or cruise. At the same time, you can visit the ruins of the Knights’ Fortress in St. John’s, but there are numerous other picturesque Greek villages on the island of Rhodes, such as Kamiros and Sianna.

The Butterfly Valley is a green oasis in Rhodes

The Butterfly Valley, or Petaloúdes, has been on the travel agency’s travel list for a long time, and the place is very beautiful. The valley with its streams and small waterfalls is a good excursion destination for the whole family. Nature lovers are advised to travel to Rhodes in the spring, as then the heat has not yet roasted the island’s greenery.

Faliraki Water Park charms the wild

Those looking for speed and water games should head to Faliraki Water Park. Just over ten kilometers from Rhodes town center, the park is a sure favorite destination for slightly older children and child-minded adults.

The park area is clean and well maintained, and offers a comprehensive range of water activities from fast-paced descents to leisurely paddling pools. The wildest slides require a minimum length from the calculator. On hot days, the asphalt can be scorching hot, so it is recommended to bring your own socks or flip flops to the park to avoid burnt soles.