Gift on the Way to the First Buyers of HTC 10

Have you pre-ordered HTC 10? So you can probably look forward to a little thank gift from HTC that lands in your mailbox within a few weeks.

It has become the new black to include a free gift with the purchase of the new top models. Samsung included, for example, its Gear VR headset with Galaxy S7, certain negotiate prepared included LG CAM Plus with LG G5 and Huawei included TalkBand B2 with Huawei P9.
HTC was among the few that actually this spring did not choose to include something about pre-order of HTC 10-yet. Now HTC namely according to the users on the website Reddit sent messages out to those struck with the same and pre-ordered a copy of HTC 10. In the mail thank HTC for the purchase of the phone and therefore transmit a small gift that lands in your mailbox during the next weeks.

It is still unclear what exactly the gift contains. HTC just writes that “a small symbol of our gratitude is on its way to you“. It sounds not immediately as a gift in the same price range as Samsung’s Gear VR, but on the other hand, there may be talk about HTC’s new Ice View-case, which was launched together with HTC 10, which also lands in stores this month.

If this sounds enticing, with a little extra gift on top of almost 6,000 dollars expensive purchases, such as HTC 10 is, you can still manage to pre-order it on HTC’s website. However, it is unclear whether the gift is sent out to all who pre-order, and whether it applies all over the world.