Google Docs for Nonstop

The Google Docs today is possibly the best document editing service with real – time collaboration ever invented. The Google is to be congratulated on that. The service is so good that from this Wednesday, is integrated into the Box (formerly known as interoperability gives the guys on the big network, to our joy.

By accessing the control panel Box, customers – until there are free plans, but the truth is that the service serves the same companies – have at their disposal a tool with the option to create documents Google Docs. Text or spreadsheet, the user chooses.

The Box opens a new window with the editing of the document, which can be done by several people simultaneously – see the video below. Each move wherever, make your adjustments and go out the window. Coming back to the control panel, there is the file with the right to add comments on own platform Box and share with other employees.

Basically, the team Box picked up a web app that already exists and has added to its service package. More than a link to create documents on the Google service, both are integrated in a unique way.

“We believe that the combination of collaborative editing of Google Docs with the content management Box will transform the way people work,” wrote the CEO of, Aaron Levie. With Box being used in seven out of ten of the largest US companies, it is likely that he’s right.

I wanted to see this kind of integration on more platforms. For example, in iCloud. It would be nice to have the files saved in the cloud of Apple, but you can edit them in Google Docs (which even eliminate the need to install iWork or Office on Mac). Let’s dreaming, let’s…