Google Introduces Smart Translation from Any App

With the new feature ‘press to translate’ into Google translate, it has never been easier to translate text from any app on Android smartphones.

Thanks to the Internet, computer and Smartphone appearance you can regardless of time, place and space to communicate with anyone 7,000 km away on the other side of the Earth. However, there are in all probability some language barriers.

Fortunately, translation engines like Google Translate gets gradually better and better, but on smartphones, it has long been a somewhat laborious affair to communicate on, for example, Danish and Estonian by switching and copy/paste between a beskedapp and Google translate app.

Therefore, Google has now made it dramatically easier, faster, and smarter to communicate across language and breaking language barriers with the new version 5.0 of Google translate app for Android.The solution goes under the name “press to translate” and is, in itself, quite simple.


Imagine that you write with an Indian friend over an beskedapp – it could be WhatsApp. He or she writes in hindi, which you cannot understand. Therefore, you must translate each message you receive and possibly translate your own messages back to hindi. With the new feature, simply copy the recipient’s message — typically by holding down on it, and select “copy”.

If you have activated the new “press to translate” feature in Google translate app, will a round icon automatically show up in the side of the screen as soon as you copy some text. Imagine heads from Facebooks chat Messenger app – how to see the little icon from this new feature also out.

By clicking on the small icon in the side of the screen opens a popup where the copied text is pasted into a text field with the language. The language is written on, Google translate can even figure it out, but you can also at any time even during the individual translation. Below, select the language, then you will have it translated to.

If you then want to send a new message to the receiver after having understood what was written for you, you can just click on the button “new translation”. Now swap the two text fields and language space, so you can write a message on Danish, translated into hindi and is copied into the Clipboard to be pasted into beskedappen.

The new fancy feature rolls just now out to Google translate app for Android smartphones and tablets. If the update is not yet come to your device, you can alternatively download it from our secure website from Android Police, APK Mirror. It remains to be seen whether the function finds its way to the iOS.