Google Maps 5.2.0 Android, Update with Which You Can Notify Your State on Twitter

Google He has updated his famous map service Google Maps to the version 5.2.0 for phones with Android. This time the objective was the inclusion of Twitter among their possibilities of sharing States.

Previously, when we were checking, we could add it to your service Google Buzz, but this decision making strikes me as more accurate, taking into account the social impact that supports Twitter from Buzz.

Also, now when are you using Google latitudee and see any contact you can send you a message, which will be sent to your phone as a notification. When the you respond you will reach you too, seeing the States directly in Google Maps Thanks to the layer of Google latitude. Really a success.

Have also improved the search system, adding the button more places, to be more precise when we found the place we were looking for in the list proposed by Google latitudee.

We see the constant struggle to win market share, getting involved in other social networking services by other social networks. This step on the part of Google, integrating services to popularize the alternative of Geolocation It seems to me to be very successful, with the clear aim of trying to take a slice of the cake in a fight that almost has just begun.

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