Do you remember from? Joyn, are known as operators WhatsApp? As this initiative now thanks to Google will begin to catch run for their new standard for messaging Rich Communications Services (RCS) begin arriving to all operators and Android devices.

RCS want to be the successor to the SMS, a new standard that brings the services of IP communication between operators all the advantages of the popular messaging, such as group chat services, sharing high resolution images, videos, audios, documents, our location, add emojis, make calls and video calls by VoIP. With the advantage that each user can have an application messages different installed, not as it is now, that both have to use the same messaging service.

A Google RCS liked, and therefore are already collaborating with mobile operators, device manufacturers, and the rest of the Android ecosystem to support the standards of RCS to accelerate the deployment in a more consistent way, that was very stuck.

And to accelerate this deployment, Google has purchased Jibe Mobile, one of the leading providers of RCS services, which leverage all the great work they have already done.

Surely Google Messenger the application of Google that supports this new messaging standard RCS in the future to enjoy emojis groups, share files, etc… That Yes, it is unknown if the operators charged for each message sent. Currently with Joyn are not charging.