Gratulatio: Google Learns to Speak Latin

Known for being able to perform relatively credible translations from Portuguese to English or Vietnamese to Urdu (and vice versa), the Google Translate since last Thursday the service is also able to translations into Latin Old – novelty that because of an amazing coincidence it was introduced on the same day that the web giant paid homage to the 50 years d’Os Flinstones in a celebratory doodle (Pulled out? antiquity Flintstones?).

The new function of the translation service was announced by Jakob Uszkoreit engineer in a post conveniently translated into Latin in the company’s official blog. Called Veni, Vidi, Verba Verti (or Vim, Vi, translated words): “Today we announce the first language translation system that does not have native speakers: Latin. Although only a few speak Latin, every year more than 100,000 American students do Exame Nacional of Latin and the language is studied by many around the world.”

In addition, the translation of the Latin can be useful in Google Books, which has several titles full of pages written in the language. “The Latin is unmatched. All books in Latin have been written and only a few will be made here on. Many have been translated into other languages ​​and these translations were used to train our system, “added the post.