A good mobile does not need to cost the Treasury. Unlike before, you can now get both competent and attractive mobile phones at low cost. View the best here.

Developments in budget-friendly smartphones have taken tremendous momentum the last few years. An inexpensive smartphone is today no longer equal to a dull and tacky user experience.

Follow our site guide, you can get quality, functions and features as topmobilerne long-held patent.

Luxury designs in metal, waterproof construction, as well as a strong and fast camera is today everything together to get, for just two thousand dollars or below.

Microsoft Lumia 640 – Very value-for-money

Nokia has long been known for offering price strong Lumia-smartphones in their segment begins. The tradition will Microsoft prevail in Lumia 640 that delivers very mobile for just 1,000 dollars.

Here you get a nice 5 “HD display, Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 for smartphones, a capable camera 8 megapixels and full access to Microsoft’s rich software package.

Buy it because:

  • Best performance for the price
  • Usable camera
  • Windows 10

Motorola Moto G (2015) — A sporty case

Strong and prices strong – how can Motorola’s Moto G-series cards are summarized. Third generation, also known as 2015 model, is no exception, because it is both water-and dust-proof.

It is not only the exterior which is extremely durable with Moto G, battery is doing a fair use, the camera is easily the best in its price range and Motorola’s minimalist approach to Android does, that it rarely hesitates.

Do you need more muscles in your mobile, you can for 400 pounds more get double up on RAM and storage space.

Buy it because:

  • Taking good photos
  • Simple and up-to-date Android software
  • Water-and dustproof


Huawei P8Lite – Good all-rounder

P8Lite is the younger brother of Huaweis P8 flagship for 2015, but it is nevertheless a success story for the company, since it is Huaweis best selling mobile ever outside home country China.

Huaweis P8Lite has since also the sales arguments in order. It is attractive to look at, HD screen on the 5 inch is available and with 2 GB and an octa-core processor inboard copes with the any task you might put it.

The cell phone running Android, but at a distance similar to the Apple’s iOS to confusion. Looking for an iPhone-like experience to the budget is therefore a good bid.

Buy it because:

  • 16 GB storage space
  • Simple iOS-like interface
  • Good camera
  • Good performance

Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 – compact luxury

On our site editors, there has long been a little skepticism for Samsung begins mobiles. Weak hardware overloaded with features often ends in a questionable user experience.

Such a situation is not at all in recent budgetbud from the company: Galaxy A3 (2016). The software is made simpler and the phone offers at the same time on a finish and a design which has not its just south of two thousand dollars.

Narrow edges around a Gorilla Glass 4 screen on restrained 4.7 inches, makes your phone extremely compact and nifty in use. Although the price is low, is A3 (2016) nor dull. The four kernede processor is doing most of the apps and games without hesitation and the camera is quick.

Buy it because:

  • Beautiful design and finish
  • Compact and nifty size
  • Nice camera
  • 16 GB storage


LG Nexus 5 x – topmobilen for the tight budget

It must be really good, and you can stretch the budget to two thousand crowns have mobile LG a really strong bid which in many ways can wrestle with today’s toptelefoner.

Nexus 5 x has been developed in cooperation with Google which carries all software-development for mobile. This means that you always have the latest and best Edition Android on board – something that few topmobiler can boast with.

The hardware is almost simultaneously from top shelf, with a potent hexa-core processor and a camera that is conspicuous not only in daylight but also under dark conditions – so where it typically squints for smartphones in General.

LG Nexus 5 x is also the only mobile in its price range that can muster a fingerprint reader and you also get a nice 5.2 inch full HD screen in the bargain.

Buy it because:

  • Strong hardware and software
  • Nice screen
  • Best performance for the price
  • Fingerprint reader