Guide: Spring’s Best Smartphones in the Mid-Range

Here you get our site best bet for delicious, high-quality, not smartphones fall over the budget.

Mobile manufacturers are probably not agree here, but it is now a time our site position that you can get competent topmobiler to about half of what today’s newest and finest smartphones cost.

It’s just about to act after the right models.

Our site brings together therefore here our list of the best mobile purchases you can make yourself, in price hired between two and four thousand dollars.

LG Nexus 5 x 32 GB – Always up-to-Date

One of the stars of last our site buying guides goes again, but this time is the 32 GB variant, that make up the bargains.

With twice as much storage space you will get the renewed space to exploit the 5.2 inch large display, as well as Google’s latest and greatest Android-version, to the extreme.

Nexus 5 x’ camera remains one of the best in the price class and with full encryption and a fingerprint reader, security is top notch.

Buy it because:

  • Mercury and minimalist
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Excellent camera
  • Always updated

Sony Xperia Z3 +-The Outsider

Japanese Sony Z3 + got only a short career the previous year: just three months after launching the successor Z5 stood ready.

For smartphone buyers are Xperia Z3 + now has become a really good offer. The price has more than halved since its launch and the problems with overheating has long since been resolved.

Xperia Z3 + is still just as attractive as ever, the waterproof metal design keeps just. Processor, there are plenty of forces, and the camera is 20 megapixels and 4 k videos with all the way forward.

Buy it because:

  • Refined design with front-facing speakers
  • Strong processor
  • Water-and dustproof



Huawei P8 – Ambitious smartphone

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei mobile surprise last year with its P8-topmobil. Design and materials were exclusive while the performance and the camera was in the top. The ambition was not to be mistaken, Huawei would wrestle with the leading mobile manufacturers.

A year after its launch is still a great buy. P8 Huawei The price is screwed down significantly, but it is still quick, your battery lasts a long time and the camera delivers ever-excellent pictures thanks to an efficient optical stabilization.

Buy it because:

  • Exclusive design
  • Taking great photos
  • Good battery

Samsung Galaxy S6-Top Goalscorer

Samsung created a genuine mobilhit with last year’s S6-series. Everything from software to hardware was gentænkt and refined, which culminated with the prize as the year 2015 to Galaxy S6 Mobile Edge.

The cheaper S6’er, however, has lived in the shadow of its curved twin – but it does this just for a better buy because it’s exactly as good as this year’s mobile 2015 – just a plow man cheaper. Same great screen and camera, the same lightning-fast processor and some will even argue a better ergonomics.

Buy it because:

  • Nice, crisp display
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Top performance


Apple iPhone VIEW – model ‘begins’

It looks like something you’ve seen before, the little iPhone VIEW from Apple. And it is with good reason, briefly summarized, it is a iPhone 6S squeezed down in iPhone 5S ‘ body.

Yet the little smartphone is not without surprises, the battery lasts for longer than you think, the camera always delivers the goods and it is so small and compact that you can always have it with and operate it with a simple hand.

It is starting the model in Apple’s line-up, but it prevents the not in both to be Apple’s fastest and cheapest new iPhone ever. In other words, it is a really good buy.

Buy it because:

  • Ultra Compact
  • Prompt
  • Good operating time
  • Always updated