Guleek A8: Here Are the Android TV Stick with AMLogic S905

The Mini PC with Amlogic S905 are in the pipeline, and to prove it, there is the increasing number of “Chinese” model ready for export. Models like Guleek A8, Flash PC from anonymous design and used on several other occasions (see Draco H3), managed by the new low-power SoC Amlogic.

Costs just over 70 euros on aliexpress and the like, in a configuration with 2 GB RAM, 8 GB of internal memory, WiFi n with antenna and Bluetooth 4.0. His boast is S905, Quad Core Cortex-A53 with maximum frequency of 2 GHz and GPU 750 MHz to Mali-450 MP5 , good to work onHDMI 2.0 in 4 k at 60 fps and good for hardware decoding of h. 265 k.

Guleek A8 is completed with microSD, USB to standard size, a Fn key, a microUSB for 5V supply and another OTG cable for the rest. It’s a good endowment, but the price is too high for what should be the list of these model. You pay the first availability. Uses Android 5.1 Lollipop.

On Amlogic S905 we have many expectations. S805 did well, handled economic and functional Mini PC and board despite the little computing power (Cortex-A5) and the niche in which he found himself. S905 is more modern in terms of support to components (Gigabit Ethernet, S/PDIF, I2C, Secure Boot and production at 28 nm -you’ll find all details in the official page) and this means that we’ll see it on the most comprehensive products.

But worth the usual advice: wait. Only reviews, tests and user side can give us an idea of the actual yield of the box, and it is still early to expect something optimized and functional.