Half Life 2 Would Also Come to Android Thanks to Nvidia Shield

NVIDIA not he resigns with your bet with the players, the NVIDIA Shield, which is is already speculating a required second version that updates the components of its predecessor. Not only by a renewal of hardware, but that they have already opted to bring games to Android in first for your console, being the most prominent in doing so the game Portal, and seems to be not the last.

This time the rumors are running another Valve game, considered one of the best games in history and in particular of the FPS. We are talking of Half-life 2, one of the jewels of the company, and that points to that sooner take will end up reaching the NVIDIA Shield.

A member of the American press has received in your email what would be a desencofrador, the weapon par excellence of the Half Life saga, a resplendent green Android. If that were not little, has registered the logo of half-life 2, the NVIDIA Shield and the phrase What Gordon would do?.

Except for these data, there is no more information that detail the form that will come out of the game, but would not be rare that continue the methodology which will be Portal: NVIDIA Shield first and then for the rest of Android. What is interesting is that both games share the Valve Source engine and may not be the only ones with this engine to arrive, although it would be strange for Valve to stop your store, It wouldn’t be a stranger who Valve gamble by Android in any way.


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