Here Is Viv-the New Voice Assistant from the Creators behind Siri

The creators behind Apple’s Assistant, Siri, today has shown the new, advanced voice Assistant, Viv, forward, which will no doubt give Siri and Google Now battle to the line.

During the development of Siri, before it saw the light of day, would Steve Jobs is one thing, but two of the creators behind the voice Assistant would be another thing. Why did they leave Apple to complete the dream of making a voice Assistant with far more skill and higher intelligence than Siri.

Today, the creators behind the schedule unveiled for Viv -next-generation voice Assistant-at a Conference at TechCrunch Disrupt. In the video below from the event, it can be seen that Viv greatly resemble existing voice assistants like Siri and Google Now on design.

Functionally, there is also a share similarities with Facebooks chatbots, but controlled through voice instead of on paper. There is, in other words, picked up the best of the various existing solutions.

Viv stands out from the crowd on two points. First, there is its high intelligence and its great understanding of complex phrases, which will probably give Siri and Google Now difficulties. Some of the questions, as Viv with ease can handle, “it was raining in Seattle three Thursdays ago?” and “Will it be warmer than 21 degrees near the Golden Gate Bridge after 17:00 in the morning?”

Then excelling Viv also with a very tight integration with other third-party services that make it easy to fix a multitude of things only to talk. We’re talking not about just to check the weather forecast or to set an alarm, but to make online bookings that normally can take several minutes.

For example, you can send the Viv with 100 dollars to a friend by just saying “Send Adam 100 kroner from your drink last night”, and immediately completed the transfer via – in this case – betalingsappen Venmo, which closely resembles MobilePay.

If you would rather order a bouquet of flowers to a friend, you can also do this by, for example, to say “Send some flowers to my mom on her birthday”. Viv knows already the mother’s address, and therefore is the order gone through after 10-20 seconds.

Even more impressive, it is how quickly you can book a hotel room with Vivs integration of It can normally be a time consuming task, but here you don’t have to spend much more than 20 seconds to say “Find a fat room for me in Palm Springs for the weekend”. Due to the deep integration of these services go through complete orders as if you did it on normally, where you also get a confirmation sent to you by mail with the same.

Last but not least, is Viv also able to understand long-narrations, without context necessarily appears in it, you record. An example might be: “When the sun goes down?”, after which Viv is similar. Then you can without any problems ask further with, for example, “what about tomorrow?”, and Viv at the still, that you’re talking about the sunset.

Other integrated services is Weather Underground for weather forecasts and Uber for transport, and the goal is to get far more than 1,000 integrated services from everything between heaven and Earth to shape a huge network of info and services who can speak together and improve Vivs content and opportunities.

This is part of the advanced technology, which the creators behind Viv has developed and which is much more dynamic than other technologies that are preprogrammed to do a specific thing about each query. The patented technology actually writes his own software by each query and will over time be better to get to know you.

Still unknown launch date

The team behind Viv has yet to reveal when Viv becomes publicly available. In the first place, it appears that Viv only will be released for iOS, since voice Assistant was demonstrated on an iPhone.

If Viv is on its way to Android and other platforms, is not yet known. There are no other than to wait for the people behind the melder more out.