During IFA 2015, Motorola has unveiled its new range of Motion 360, consists of the two Classic editions (from 46 and 42 mm) and sports that we showed you in our preview. Instead, what has not been shown, and probably never will be, is a third edition of Bike 360, named Value Tier, dedicated to a more youthful audience.

Bike 360 Value tier was supposed to represent the offer entry level smartwatch Motorola, however its implementation was stopped being developed, although today we can give you a look thanks to the official concept made by Motorola designer Naeem, Imaan. This edition of 360 Bike stands out from the others due to the adoption of a colored ring made of plastic, so as to give a more youthful look to the smartwatch. The differences are also hardware, as it is absent the heartbeat sensor and wireless induction charging, replaced by a more traditional metal contact on the rear of the smartwatch. Very different even selecting straps, since the absence of the knock sensor would allow the use of more sports bands BORN.

Of course the cheapest 360 motion nature Value tier would allow the device to settle in a lower price range than the $ 300 which is placed on the basic model of bike 360, representing a viable alternative for all those who want to approach to Android Wear with a moderate investment. For the moment there are no news about the future of this line, although the likelihood of it being revived is very little.