Test conclusion: what you should know

Fürs cheap honor T1 needs not to be ashamed manufacturer Huawei. It is although not the fastest and has not the best screen, but anyone looking for a cheap 8-inch tablet, receives a well processed device with acceptable speed, decent image quality and long battery life. Best price on the Internet: 123,63 euro * this product at Amazon order Pro decent image quality long battery life memory expandable counter moderate pace of work obsolete operating system (Android 4.3) very long loading time test note of the editorial staff of 2.35 good users rating now rate despite ordinary devices like the mediapad M1, Huawei is doing badly in the Tablet market: the worldwide market share is less than one percent. Therefore the company (140,000 employees worldwide) will start a price offensive: the low-cost brand of honor (honour) to turn the tide and get the breakthrough. The ultra cheap honor T1 in the trade comes to the launch of the product line: convinces the Android tablet?

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How good can a 8-inch Tablet for 130 euro be? Massively saves the manufacturer or is it a miracle of the price? We figure it out. 130 euro for 8 inch: the honor T1 in the test

Straightforward and well processed

The low retail price one does not notice on the T1 externally: processing is high quality, the Tablet sits comfortably in the hand. However, it is significantly heavier than about Sony’s Xperia tablet with 354 grams Z3 compact (268 grams). The T1 also waives any frills: the design is simple, the silver edge makes a fine impression. The back easily deposed by aluminium and plastic looks similar to the rear view of the over 200 euro expensive mediapad M1 confusingly.

Honor T1: product photos and screenshots

Outdated operating system

In contrast to the M1, the T1 still using the outdated Android 4.3 instead of version 4.4 or even its current version 5.0 (lollipop) works. After all, Huawei has the operating system vigorously cleaned up and littered with needless many apps. In addition, the T1 has a nicely designed and very easy to use interface (emotion UI) and the touch screen responds quickly and accurately to user input.

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Tempo brake installed

The Billigtablet not splurge yet at a brisk pace: many apps appeared open, parallel in the test for example holiday images only hesitantly in the gallery; when scrolling long Web pages display was also a little stuttering. This is due to the weak Snapdragon-200 CPU and memory with 1 gigabyte to scanty.

Not full HD, long battery life

Huawei has saved in the display: photos, games, and videos it shows a full HD screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution is in the 130-Euro price range but also (still) cannot be implemented only with 1280 x 800 pixels. The result: The image quality of the T1 more isn’t in order. The main weaknesses are the low brightness (320 candela/square meter) and the pale color.

Android, ios, Windows 8: advantages and disadvantages

Very long battery life, very long loading time

Correctly class battery life, however, is: In the test the T1 made 18 hours and 20 minutes limp just a few 8-incher can do it! For this, you should plan plenty of time for charging the battery: misery long seven hours pass, until the energy storage is full again.