Hotmail Becomes Less Useless with Disposable Accounts

What is it? An innovative feature has just been implemented in the e-mail service that no one expected? Well, my dear readers. This time it was not Google who went ahead. In a master balcony, Microsoft decided to activate a feature that lets Hotmail about 150% more useful than it is today, when 90% of its users (an estimate completely unofficial withdrawal of fresh air) only create an address service to use the Windows Live Messenger (even if it is not necessary).

The new feature is the ability to create aliases, or in good Portuguese, a pseudonym. A false address that can be disabled at any time. A perfect resource to be used when you want to register that dubious site but do not want to have to put your regular address. To activate your first click on this link, select an alias and click Create an alias. You will then see the option below when you open your inbox.

Choose where messages will be stored and ready. Once a message Microsoft get warning that his new alias is ready, just run to hug and register in all that is doubtful content site that you want.

In time, it is good to note that some services email like Gmail Google, already allow something similar with the addition of the + symbol after the username. But in these cases the user’s address is still shown before the symbol, something that does not happen in option enabled today by Hotmail. The service, however, only allows you to create disposable addresses 5 per person per year and the maximum is 15 per user addresses in total.

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