We had quite a few days talking about update Android 4.0 for the flagship Samsung so far, if it would or not and how and when. Maybe at the end tonight has begun to update via OTA and has begun to disembark at our terminals.

One of the major problems of this update, and Android in general for many, is that Google released the code, manufacturers fidget with it and the operators are still us, that you do not want to let get them hand.

Surely many of you you meet now your GT-i9100 in hand and waiting of that Orange, Movistar or Singularity os of the approval. Therefore, since not all users are really familiar with the world of the ROM in general, I bring you this little tutorial. Since that it applies to all terminals (eye, than the European model GT-i9100 is important) also worth for those who (like myself) you have the terminal free and still has not reached you the OTA and you can not wait a single minute.

Preparing the ground

With this method in principle will lose root if it is that what you have, you will not lose data or installed applications, ES recommended to make a Backup all of the data to prevent possible loss of data or information. You can do it directly from Kies, Samsung software. Made the copy or not, install the driver software of the phone, so simply connect your phone and follow the instructions once installed Kies, waiting for it to recognize our terminal.

First of all go getting to download the ROM, which is the actual update, which will soon enough because of its size, from here. Meanwhile, you can go ensuring that the terminal has sufficient battery, put it to charge, it is not recommended to upgrade with less than 60%.

Now Kies will no longer make us more lack, since in principle “ Samsung still does not want us to update the phone ”, because we are funded, you close it, and go to the Windows Task Manager and We kill the processes that Kies has assets, in my case it was two. Once done, we have to activate the debug mode by USB, with the terminal disconnected from the PC, go to settings, applications, development, and mark USB debugging checkbox.

Squeezing the cream sandwich

Then download Odin, which is the program that we with which Flash the new ROM (install the update). Once downloaded the ROM update, unzip it and select it from PDA (black box), it should be a file with extension.tar. It is very important that Re-Partition (red box) is set to off, activate Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time (black box). It should be what is displayed in the image, with the exception of the text box and green pictures.

Done we turn off the mobile and it turn on discharge mode. That is, with the central, the lock button and the volume down struck simultaneously, until you see a warning, we confirmed with the button volume up and you’re in mode download.

Now connect it to the PC, until Odin (see image), the box marked with * in yellow. Then press Start, but confirming that Re-Partition is not activated.

Then it will start the download and installation process. It may take a few minutes, the phone will reboot and will carry the applications that you had previously, optimizing them to the new version of the operating system, and update applications that brings Samsung’s series. Once completed it, it ask for PIN and accept terms and conditions of use.

We are now definitely in ICS, and it may be that some application error and the terminal will be remarkably slow for a few minutes, since the RAM is empty and have to start all the processes from scratch for the first time. For this reason, it is recommended to give you a few minutes and restart the terminal normally.

Some first impressions

The terminal works very fluid, but I have to say that the TouchWiz interface overshadows much this version, in many respects it seems that we are still in Gingerbread, this can for example install the launcher Trebuchet, which gives the appearance of pure ICS.

In general I’ve tried several features, such as camera or facial unlocking and they work perfectly. Once the ROM has settled have not had no more problem, with the exception of some crash the damn Samsung Launcher. Also remember that you can now install the Beta of Google Chrome for Android version, since Google Play.

If it is the first time you do this, you’ve seen what a relatively simple process, so if you want to delve further into the world of the cooked ROMs, you can read this small manual that we published a few months ago in Xataka Android.