Taiwanese HTC seems to have screwed up the ambitions of HTC 10, but the magic is gone.

HTC need a hit of HTC’s One-series reputation suffered a crack, since the last year failed to excite as in the previous One-generations. It makes HTC now up with in the successor, HTC 10, as with a new name promises new times.

It seems that HTC has listened to the criticism. The camera is significantly improved, the design is further developed, but HTC maintains the virtues that characterize the brand-should it just be with a simple exception-the characteristic Boom Sound stereo speakers are now gone.

HTC 10 therefore seems to be a mobile without real vulnerabilities-something that has gotten the company to push the price well above the approximately five thousand crowns a topmobil costs. It is currently expensive topmobil of the year-so it has a lot to live up to.

The question then is, scores HTC 10 mon a perfect 10/10?

Specifications HTC 10

Goal: 146 x 72 x 9.0 mm, 161 grams
Display: 5.2 “Quad HD, super LCD 5, Gorilla Glass 4. 565 PPI
Performance: Snapdragon 820 2.2 GHz quad-core, Adreno 530 graphics, 4 GB RAM
Battery: 3,000 mAh
Storage 32 GB + micro-SD up to 200 GB
Software: Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow + HTC Sense
Camera: 12MP f/1.8 OIS lens 4 k video, front camera 5MP with f/1.8 wide angle OIS lens
Moreover: USB charger, fingerprint reader, C-Airplay

A new design

HTC was the anti-Europeans disparage last year so as not to further develop their fine One M8 design.
The design failed as such nothing, but in the ever-changing smartphone-field stand often experienced as regression.

The task of the HTC was therefore ready, One series had to be renewed, and it becomes it now to such an extent that even the name is changed. HTC 10 must lay the seeds of a new dynasty with the Taiwanese manufacturer.

For the company, it is also a new design, but already at first glance seems the familiar. Viewed from the front looks like it, just like HTC’s One A9, something I’ve seen before. It looks like a Samsung Galaxy S5 – not just any design there has written himself into design history.

In fact, I am tempted to prefer S5’erens frontal look, for the front page On HTC 10 is riddled with front camera great optics, while the fingerprint reader is not centered properly. A bit frugally in a cell with HTC’s ambitions.

Grabs hold of HTC 10, is, however, an entirely different impression – HTC can something special with metal and it is HTC 10 an excellent example of.

The back is cast in a strong aluminum shell with its glossy polished edges signals both elegance and strength.

Metal mantle is interrupted by the, unfortunately, necessary antennas, but they are subtle machined into the top, bottom and the top. A camera module with optics in sapphire glass, rounds the back of where it is accompanied by a small strip where double flash and focus module hiding.

All in all, featuring HTC on good design details, but it doesn’t work nearly as uncompromising as the former One-models.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that competitors have moved tremendously in design and finish the front the past few years. HTC’s sticking just can’t seem, as they did once.

Great, but comfortable

HTC 10 measuring a total of 146 x 72 mm, with a profile on 9 mm. It places the HTC in the more bulky end of its segment.

It therefore requires a big hand, if you want to serve it with a simple hand – are you used to the smaller HTC One models, you should count on having to get used to a larger format.

Enhånd control are compromised by the fact that the fingerprint reader, which also serves as the home button is placed so far down on the front as it is. In use you must often move the phone slightly up or down by hand, depending on whether you have to go back to the home screen or to obtain notification curtains.

On the other hand, the power and volume buttons, and the noticeable rifle of well-placed power button makes the thumb always hits the spot.

Ambitious screen and audio

The main attraction is the size of the display. Here offers ultra-sharp 5.2 inches, with a resolution of firedobbel HD. Plenty sharp – and one of the best screens to date to VR headset use.

The many pixels, however, has a few small weaknesses. The screen seems to be not quite as bright as Samsung and Apple’s best, and then they get a mysterious pink tinge when the display is viewed from the side.

However, the colors are flattering without being exaggerated while the contrast is improved compared to last year. Excellent to spend lots of hours with surfing the Web and browsing of photos.

Audio is a big thing missing: the characteristic Boom Sound stereo speakers, that defined the HTC One series.

Sound HTC 10 delivers is still stereo, but it pumped out through a chute at the top and a single grill at the bottom, and it sounds just not nearly as good as before.

That being said, so providing HTC 10 continue to sound with a good bottom and dynamics – it’s just no longer elevated above the rest of the mobile world.

HTC make good on it, by delivering a competent set of headphones in the bargain. You need to be up in the IEM for good two-three hundred dollars before you get better sound in your pocket. Finally, is HTC 10 the first Android mobile that supports Apple’s Airplay.


Lots of forces

The mechanics that drive HTC 10 forward is based on Qualcomm’s lightning-fast Snapdragon 820 chip. It is a beast of a quad-core processor that manages to distance almost all smartphones on the market.

At the same time, HTC, as before, adept at giving forces free rein so it never kløjes with smartphone tasks.Multitasking is done immediately, websites loaded on split seconds while game settled in the very highest quality.

As with other smartphones based on the same muscle mechanics, forces it to drain the battery faster than usual.

Fires you up under the heavy 3D games is therefore not much longer than 3-3 ½ hours before al-battery is lænset.

Under ordinary use, however well the pleasures can be stretched out, so you first must see you on after an outlet after one to one and a half days. But any dedicated marathon runner is HTC 10 not.

Here it helps that HTC can let extremely briskly up via its USB-C port. After just half an hour meter shows 41%, while 80 percent is rounded to a full hour. After an hour and a half is the battery charged up.

Finally, is HTC 10 ekviperet with the latest and fastest in antenna technology. Here can achieve theoretical data transfers at 450 mbit/sec on the 4 g + network. In practice, this is achieved only about one-tenth, placing HTC 10 of the better end, without prejudice to prange.

HTC 10 is born with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but comes with HTC’s own interpretation of the software known as HTC’s Sense.

In contrast to other manufacturers keep HTC again to tinker too much by Google’s basic formula. HTC Sense looks like much along the way and contributes only with unadulterated Android useful improvements here and there.

Most useful is HTC’s theme-manufactures, which makes it possible easily to tailor the look of your phone.You choose a background image you like, and HTC creates from this a theme with matching icons, color palette, and sounds. It is extremely easy, and the result should not be 100 percent of the eye is the individual to adjust here and there.

HTC offers at the same time on some successful apps, such as camera and Zoé app. They are simple use, but nevertheless contains advanced options. For example, it supports both RAW formats while HTC’s vibrant ‘ Zoe ‘-function breathes life into your photos and videos in the form of delicate collages.

The company’s news reader Blinkfeed, remains a part of the package, where it occupies one of the home screens with a tailored mix of news and social media. Whether you want to think about function comes here much depends on you think about having all your news through the same channel.

Finally, a really good camera

It is not because HTC does not have tried, but in the past several years, it never managed to create a compelling camera in their flagship phones.

The company has otherwise tried many times, and innovating with regard with many interesting solutions. The results have, unfortunately, more often than not disappointed. But that is over now.

This time has stuck to what actually works, rather than trying it with new technologies. Big pixels – check out. Enough of them – check out. Sharp, bright optics – check out. Optical stabilization – dobbeltjek.

HTC has this year taken the best camera hardware in the market today, composed it in HTC 10 and the results are promising.

The optics of the HTC 10 is excellent, and there can generally be achieved very good results in daylight.The focus, however, is not nearly as fast as the Samsung and Apple provides, but will row for most people’s needs.

At one point, it is, however, clear that HTC has a bit to learn even on the camera front: in image processing. Colors and contrast is fine, but HTC’s attempt to remove image noise is so profound, that the details are blurred. Panoramic photos also suffers from a mysterious rødstik from HTC 10 ‘s after treatment.

HTC 10 also makes a good figure on the video portion, with detailed 4 k-results that helped well on its way by the optical stabilization. Slow-motion footage, however, is not as detailed as you could ask for.
Turns you HTC 10 to selfie-mode, is 10 ‘ eren as the first smartphone ever ekviperet with a front camera with optical stabilisation. It gives a shot more light in dark conditions, but contribute especially to selfie videos which doesn’t get too shook.

No longer any disks

HTC 10 throughout the test run has been a competent acquaintance who convinces on most areas. But I end up anyway to miss some of the properties that in his time did One series unique.

Designed rises are no longer rivals, Boom Sound-the sound is gone and generally works 10  eren just nowhere near as refined as etteren. The magic and forelskelsen fail to appear.

When it is said, HTC 10 continue a five star phone that will undoubtedly delight its owner/woman. The higher price and HTC’s unclear economic future gives me this time little reason to hesitate and we therefore ends on 4 ½ out of 6 stars.

3 you also should consider the alternatives

Samsung Galaxy S7-secure WINS
Smaller, but no less attractive are Samsung’s direct competitor. It delivers a good operating time, a powerful camera, an excellent display and a waterproof construction.

The price is at the same time, a tad lower than in HTC 10 and you get therefore more mobile for less money.
Huawei P9-Excellence for strong price
Huaweis recent topmobil seem to have the same ability to deliver her built metal and strong features.

The processor is competent, the battery lasts longer and double camera makes it great under the right conditions. Huawei P9 are in turn significantly cheaper.

LG G5-the mobile Swiss army knife
Are you looking for a metal cell that opens up new opportunities is an excellent alternative for HTC G5 LG 10.

It delivers the same high performance, but especially with its interesting lures modular setup, as well as an excellent dual camera.