Little by little the rumors are stronger, and it is that HTC and Google is they would ally to get a new Nexus. Taiwanese were the first to come to this agreement with the T-Mobile G1, HTC Magic and it ended with the Nexus One, but since they have not agreed to be the manufacturers of other Nexus, and suddenly emerge with a nine-inch tablet rumors.

It is a deal that is good to any manufacturer, and is not that HTC has had the best results and this fresh air balloon sit them undoubtedly great. Another remarkable thing is bet on nine inches for the tablets, a size that has not been used too much.

At the time was to notice that the seven-inch size is comfortable and not too big, the sufficiently tight so we can be useful. But this measure is has been falling short when mobile carrying larger screens, and already a seven-inch screen looks unnecessary already having one of five mobile connectivity, in which you have to make sense of a tablet is handled with both hands and has no connection, and that’s where this size can be useful.

The tablet is used accompanying multimedia and therein lies the size, being very large ten-inch and seven would be something unnecessary with the proliferation of the phablet. Ballots have to be easy to carry and that worthwhile as a tool of consumption, although the overall size is an obstacle that must be considered and can not remove more of the essential framework.

That Yes, there is still Google bet strong for this size of screen and see if the market and developers agree. The tablets long ago are being stagnant in terms of news and it remains to be seen if this support from Mountain View’s worth.

About HTC, would be the best thing that could happen to them to save some years in which many of its leaders are gone, and sales have not been expected. And it is that if many manufacturers struggle to be behind the Nexus it is because just reporting them many benefits.