Huawei confirms the Great 2015 with the Highest Growth of the Last 7 Years

Huawei Technologies has published the tax results for the last fiscal year just ended by confirming the largest annual growth in revenues from 2008, both 4 g technologies increasingly used worldwide, both rapidly growing smartphone segment.

Huawei, one of the largest producers of telecommunication equipment in the world, has confirmed that the total revenue increased by 37% to 395 billion yuan (61.10 billion) in 2015, surpassing its initial forecast of 390 billion yuan.

The company that has as its basis the Shenzhen City, told us they expected an increase in revenue of $ 75 billion in 2016 and a turnover of $ 30 billion to the consumer segment which is currently the fastest growing division and the second most important revenues.

Huawei has become the first Chinese manufacturer of smartphones outpacing the main opponents with more than 100 million products shipped in 2015. This increase in shipments has contributed to the increase of the net profit of the company of 32 & tapping 36.9 billion yuan compared with 27.9 billion yuan of 2014.

Huawei’s growth is the result of a deliberate strategy, designed and implemented by the Chinese juggernaut and the result of years of work and planning, investments, said Guo Ping, one of the company’s CEO.

Fine revenues within the Telecom which rose 21.4 percent in 2015 thanks to strong demand for 4 g LTE and components that represents the largest share of the market from which Huawei gets profits as the world telecomincazioni covers 59% of the revenue of 2015.

Also good growth within the limited market of private and corporate networks where Huawei has seen bring revenues 43.8 percent compared to last year.

Huawei has finally claimed to have spent 15 percent of revenue last year in research and development by increasing this aspect of 5% compared to 2014. Operating margins are therefore 11.9% from 11.6% off.