iFixit Rewards the Reparability of LG G5 With a Vote of 8 out of 10

LG G5 is the protagonist of the last created by iFixit teardown ; will be able to get a good smartphone LG modular rating regarding reparability? The answer is Yes, since LG G5 has scored 8 out of 10, where 10 signifies an extreme ease of repair.

The positive vote of G5 is particularly influenced by themodular approach adopted in all areas of the phone and the almost total absence of glue, except for the removable drive that holds the main speaker and the USB connector, but that despite the glue ensures fast replacementof these items. Particularly positive the presence of a few screws and all standard-sizedPhilips # 00, thus not requiring special tools to remove them.

As usual is the display to present the main problems as regards the repairability, since, being glass and display merged into a single component, will be especially expensive to replace this component. In any case, definitely comes out well from this review LG G5 and ease emerged in the replacement of many components may even encourage some repair DIY (if not under warranty and if you are aware of what you do!). We leave you then to the box containing the full teardown pictures and explanations of each step:

LG G5 is available online from bass8 in 487 euros or Unieuro in 540 euros. Good value for money and is one of the best devices in this price range.