One of the benefits of the Android ecosystem is the freedom of your environment. No company or organization that mark where it begins and where just Android. Each one is free to develop within this environment, with the advantages and disadvantages that this entails.

When Microsoft launched Kinect, back in November of 2010, suddenly a lot of developers were encouraged to adapt the device drivers to start to develop home code and exploit its possibilities.

The first beneficiary of this movement were the computers but soon may the Android terminals also benefit and we can use Kinect with our smartphones and tablets soon.

HirotakaSter, a YouTube user, has posted the video that heads this post. In it we see how through Android can be used recognition of Kinect system. Not too much, of course, but the first step has already been taken.

At the moment the project is in development and we will have to wait and see what we can do. But apparently seen in computers we can be optimistic, they have already been appearing different initiatives and applications compatible with Kinect.

If it is someone rare this combination should be recalled that during the MWC Microsoft announced that Windows Phone will be compatible in the future with Kinect. Which makes it clear that the interest in combining Smartphone and this device is not so outlandish.

Personally find it me a very interesting project for Kinect technology is really good and at an experimental level can give results. If you have Kinect and you want to try it on the developers page, you will find a small tutorial to set it up.

As a curiosity, the device that appears in the video is an Armadillo 500 FX, a terminal designed for very different uses: development platform, touch screens for ATMs, etc..