Kyocera Torque: Robust, But Not Ugly

Test conclusion: what you should know

Torque makes a very good impression and leaves a deeper: operation of the screen is fluid, clear and high contrast and like the design with well-thought-out buttons. However, the camera in the test due to a weak detail reproduction and strong color noise failed. Overall, works better than many other outdoor Smartphone Kyocera torque and is well suited for use on construction sites or in rough terrain. Per order this product on Amazon very robust liquid operation bright screen memory card slot handy against weak camera satisfactory assessment of the editorial Yes, a Samsung Galaxy S5 review now user rating or Sony Xperia Z3 is water resistant and can survive a crash sometimes, but it’s not designed for that. Who is travelling a lot outside, active on the construction site or its Smartphone just not so carefully treated, which could at the Kyocera torque favor find. It is robust, has a decent hardware equipment and an 8-megapixel camera. But it also keeps its promise the data sheet? Our site has the torque a practice test undergone.


Torque lies well in the hand. The non-slip rubber coating at the bottom provides a non-slip grip. It also an Apple could cut iphone 6 of a disc is that many is far too smooth. While the design of the torque consists of several parts: the upper part of the screen is smooth and bolted, the lower roughened. Below the display, three real keys to control similar to sit like at the Samsung Galaxy S4 active. Also the back mixes different surfaces: the upper and lower section consists of textured easy-grip rubber, the middle section from plastic brushed to. In times of touch screen buttons are scarce in the torque but: proud nine knobs are available for the operation. In addition to the three Google buttons, there are the keys for the volume, and to turn, a camera button, a quick launch button and a button to mute.

Kyocera torque: robust and innovative

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Technical data

Kyocera uses a Snapdragon 400 as a processor. This speeds up the operation with four cores at each 1.4 ghz on a fast pace. In the first practice test could detect no juddering or delays. The Japanese skimp on even when the storage not: the memory is lush with 2 GB and contains the internal up to 12 GB that is not enough, which just grabs a microsd memory card into the appropriate slot. The 4.5-inch screen is surprisingly bright and contrasty. He resolves the 1280 x 720 pixels only with moderate, but it is not with normal use.


The camera copes well with different light conditions and reliably detects art and sunlight. But the quality of the 8-megapixel camera is enough for better pictures: the pictures in detail is lacking, while strong color noise is visible. The front-facing camera, however, shows relatively more details, here too the coarse color noise. Disrupts

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Outdoor skills

Torque convinced with some innovative features: the speaker opening is missing, instead the entire enclosure is a great speaker. This should ensure that you hear everything through hearing protection or a motorcycle helmet. In the test, it worked surprisingly well. On the other hand, the screen is pressure-sensitive, as well as touch sensitive. Therefore, even an operation is possible, if you wear thick gloves.