Learn What to Do With the Battery of Your Old Cell Phone

Have you ever stopped to think about what destination to give to a cellphone battery old? You may be not usual to change it often, but when you buy a new appliance, you fatally have to give a purpose to the old – and the old battery, also. The battery cell have a composition toxic. Are made of substances such as mercury, lead and cadmium, which can harm the environment and seriously damaging the health of those who come into contact with their waste.

Learn What to Do With the Battery of Your Old Cell Phone 1

For Brazil, this is a topic of great importance. According to a study released by the United Nations Program for Environment (Unep), the country produces about a half pound of electronic waste per person, being the emerging it produces more of this type of waste.

That is why it is necessary to give the right destination to discard the batteries of the mobile phones. For the sake of the integrity of the environment and not to impact the health of the community, it is essential that batteries of mobile phones have the order correct. Fortunately, there are initiatives that seek to give purpose to this type of waste without impacting the environment and having sustainability in mind.

Learn What to Do With the Battery of Your Old Cell Phone 2

Why recycle

Increasingly toxic residues come into contact with nature through the disposal of irregular materials. These toxic elements pollute the rivers and seas, being responsible for contributing to the decimation of species and impact the health of communities. In addition, do not give purpose to a material means not to live in a sustainable way, each time accumulating more junk and material dump.

One of the materials that compose the batteries of the cell, lithium is, in addition to being toxic, flammable and able to expel fumes poisonous. If a battery is discarded as common trash, can end up damaging the health of all who come in contact with it, and their elements under different conditions.

Learn What to Do With the Battery of Your Old Cell Phone 3

How to recycle

The batteries in conventional mobile phone can be considered as materials of high potential value, since they are composed of components of high commercial value. In the case of lithium, copper and aluminum. Recycling is positive because it is possible to take advantage of elements such as iron, copper and aluminum to manufacture stainless steel, general electronic and new batteries. In addition, of course, contribute to a cleaner environment and free from risks of contamination by toxic residues.

Fortunately, the majority of mobile phone operators and manufacturers provides mechanisms to facilitate the recycling of batteries. The best way to give purpose to this type of waste is contacting directly with the manufacturer of your mobile device. Companies that prioritize recycling and sustainability will have special schedules to collect and reuse the batteries of the cell phone. Seek information on the internet or refer to the manual for your mobile phone to get specific guidelines on how to give the due treatment to a old battery. Companies that offer recycling programs, which include Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, in addition to the operators Vivo, Claro and TIM.

Always seek to give due in order to its electronic. Remember of the dangers of not disposing of it the right way components with toxic elements, as is the case of the battery of the cell phone. So, you live in a more sustainable manner and does not harm the environment and the health of the population.