Lenovo Launches Moto G4 and G4 Plus with Improved Hardware

It is now Lenovo-owned Motorola today unveiled the 4. generation Moto G4 and a larger Moto G with renewed hardware and design.

As planned have Motorola-now owned by Lenovo launched the brand new Moto G4-smartphone with a new, larger Moto G4 Plus at a event in New Delhi in India.

Moto G4 is the fourth generation in the series of Moto G smartphones, you want to follow up on the great success of the affordable smartphones in no time was given.

This means that the new Moto G4 has been better in many areas and not least greater. The screen is screwed up from 5 “to 5.5”, which has given room for a higher screen resolution. The now some do HD resolution in last year’s Moto G has therefore been to a more sensible Full HD resolution at 1,080 x 1,920 pixels in Moto G4.

New Snap dragon 617-processor with 8 cores

The mechanics have as mentioned before got a upgrade, and most notable is the upgrade of the processor. Where 3. generation Moto G 2.5 years old have the Snapdragon 410 processor consisting of four Cortex-A53-cores, the new Moto G4 got a nice upgrade to the significantly higher Snapdragon 617-processor, consisting of twice as many – so 8-the Cortex A53-cores with a speed of up to 1.5 GHz.

Processor upgrade at the same time also brings a somewhat better graphics chip, which is now called Adreno 405 above the former Adreno 306, so you can play all sorts of games and get a little better experience than its predecessor. There is of course still a piece up to the performance, as topmodelllerne with snapdragon 820 processor offers, but it is certainly not the same price range, such as Moto G4 competes in.

The other mechanics is also upgraded, so you now have a choice of 16 or 32 GB of storage instead of 8 GB, which can now be supplemented with up to 128 GB with a microSD card. Both variants save on 2 GB of RAM, which means that the little variation with 1 GB RAM from last year so no longer is to find.

New Moto G4 Plus with strong camera

Last year Motorola Moto G gave a much needed upgrade of the camera, which also happens again this year. It is, however, not the ordinary Moto G4, who gets a new camera sensor, but rather a completely new model, Moto G4 Plus, which can be equipped with a camera from the manufacturer OmniVision with its PureCell Plus-sensor.

The solution is therefore now 16 megapixel instead of 13 in the normal Moto G4, while the aperture remains sensible f/2.0 price taken into consideration. Each pixel is thus 1.3 micrometer-sized, which again is pretty good, when Moto G4 Plus not even trying to be a top model.

The camera also impresses with its hybrid focusing, which combines the two technologies laser auto focus and fasedetektion in one solution. At the front there will be a 5 megapixel camera with a 84 ° vidviklet lens, so you can safely take selfies with the entire group.

Unlike many other Plus phones separates Moto G4 Plus one not from the regular Moto G4 in neither the dimensions, screen size or resolution, but on the other hand, about to come with either 3 or all 4 GB of RAM, which will also have enhanced the built-in storage to 64 GB – here begins the Moto G4 Plus so that approaches something reminiscent of a top model. Another little novelty in Moto G4 Plus is that it has got a figneraftrykslæser placed on the front under the screen.

Both Moto G4-smartphones will have increased battery capacity at former 2,470 mAh to 3,000 equivalent to 22%. At the same time you can with only a 15-minute charge to ensure enough power for the equivalent of 6 hours of consumption.

Price and availability

Something unusual was going on the event, as you know, in India and not at these latitudes. There is a huge market in India for affordable smartphones, and here trying to get a bite/Motorola Lenovo of the cake by exclusive to start sales on Amazon’s Indian side from last night.

The price of the new Moto G4 is 13,500 Indian rupee, which is only 500 rupee more than the previous Moto G. It would therefore probably be a final cost, which in Denmark is at least 2,000 dollars–perhaps up to 2,300 crowns.
Not surprisingly, Moto G4 variant of the more expensive, which probably will cost around 2,200-2,500 kroner (15,000 rupee). It is, however, in both cases a sharp price with the upgraded hardware, as Motorola/Lenovo has dished up with.

The question is just when the two phones will be launched in Denmark. There is as yet no information about.