LG G5 arrived into the hands of many reviewers worldwide (more or less) and are already appeared the first reviews with some aspects not really positive that underscore some choices not happy, a build quality not perfect and not particularly good autonomy. A particular detail is nonetheless emerged from the video that we attach to follow.

Taking apart your smartphone, the same seen here | LG G5 tested with scratches, heat and twists into a new stress tests | JerryRigEverything has found that the construction of the G5 sees the use of a lot of plastic in spite than projected and read previously. G5 is undoubtedly a device top range but its lightweight hit the youtube with a box cutter, nicked the back cover.

The result is that the shell of the G5 is a kind of sandwich in plastic sandwiched between two aluminum sheets (assuming it is not a simple aluminium painting) that does not equate to “metal body”. The choice is certainly smart and a good one to get a “premium” feeling in your hand and keep the weight down. Maybe the communication being launched now will go a little magazine.

LG G5 is available online from bass8 in 487 euros or Unieuro in 540 euros. Good value for money and is one of the best devices in this price range.