LG makes a Glass Front Panel with Integrated Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint sensor is one of the features that, year after year, is becoming increasingly essential within a new smartphone. It is not just an element that allows quick access to your device without having to type in codes but also one of the most practical systems with which to login to sites, authorize payments from mobile, access the home banking apps and much more.

LG, through its LG Innotek, created a new front panel that allows you to solve one of the major problems concerning the placement of this kind of sensor in a smartphone, or find a placement that make accessible its use and at the same time not interfere excessively with the design of the final product. To do this, LG Innotek has developed a sensor that can beplaced directly on the front panel of the smartphone, placing it inside a Bay often just 0.3 mm made in the back of the glass surface.

The new fingerprint sensor made by LG has a low rate of false acceptance of footprint (i.e. is recognized as valid a potentially invalid footprint) of 0.002%, then 1 case out of 50,000 attempts. Obviously place a sensor of this type inside the front panel means exposing it to possible risks of broken glass afterwards, for example, such a fall. To prevent this from happening and that the sensor is rendered unusable, LG strengthened the area in which it is placed, able to withstand impact with a metal sphere approximately 1.3 kg dropped from 20 cm in height directly on the affected part.

For the moment there is still no information about what will be the first device from LG to use this new technology. The next generation of smartphones, probably, will opt for this kind of solution, so that the sensor more discreetly, eliminating the need to adopt physical buttons (anterior or posterior).